The effects of the Hiroshima bomb

The effects of the Hiroshima bomb


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World War II

Broke out of World War II events in the first of the month of September 1939 in the European continent, the war and landed ended in the second of the month of September 1945 with the participation of the great powers in the world, and split the disputants in the war to allies forces and the Axis powers, and the war had consumed military capabilities economic, industrial and scientific and other, this war is classified as one of the wars that have left a devastating impact left behind by the use of nuclear weapons, including the nuclear attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which caused human and material losses serious in those Japanese cities. [1]

Nuclear attack on Hiroshima

The United States launched at the end of World War II attack with nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and that was in the month of August 1945; I proceeded to throw nuclear bombs on the two cities, and left traces very destructive, and the attack came against the backdrop of rejection of the Declaration of the conference, which includes a declaration of Japan's surrender and subject entirely to America without conditions which the Potsdam Conference, and the nuclear bomb, "Little Boy" went to Hiroshima on the sixth of in August of that year, the bomb fat man was dropped on the city of Nagasaki on the ninth of this month, this was a historic nuclear attack attack alone with nuclear weapons. [2]

It is worth mentioning, the two bombs had casualties in the thousands terracotta; Where the Hiroshima death toll from the bomb more than one hundred and forty thousand people, and in Nagasaki, about 80 twin thousand people, and at the end of that year died of other large numbers affected by wounds, and due to the effects of radiation burns and trauma, burns, and others. Japan announced its surrender and subject to the Allied forces in World War II, and signed a surrender document in the second of the month of September 1945, which each to end the war formally in the Pacific. [2]

The effects of the Hiroshima bomb

Signed the American selection on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to experience the extent of the devastating impact that the nuclear bomb was manufactured as a result of the fission of uranium, and the destructive effects of her: [3]

  • The explosion: The explosion caused by the dumping of nuclear bomb to the mass destruction of homes and clear it from the ground level, and attributed the reason to what is owned by the bomb of the power of the waves of the explosive psi 5, and what happens during the explosion that throw the bomb resulting in a hot air rises temperature is very about X-rays.
  • Fire: This bomb led to the outbreak of the massive fire as a result of the emission of dazzling lights with heat waves as they reach a temperature of more than 4000 degrees Celsius, and is considered an incendiary Vomapt glass, sand and burned human beings on their way and their bodies, and contributed to the outbreak of fires in large areas in addition to the occurrence of an electrical fault, and a firestorm ate everything on its way.
  • Radiation: The blasts saturated fissile material and radioactive contaminated with dust and ash to send fireballs area residents hit directly Afqatlthm immediately, and led to the injury and multiple severe diseases, causing an increase the number of cancer cases, especially blood, and the latest change in the genetic traits of the Japanese people and leads to stress Genetic Disease.

In general, the number of deaths among residents of Hiroshima, as a result of the bomb destroyed (in English: Little Boy) amounted to about 80 thousand people, representing thirty percent of the city's population, and wounded seventy thousand of its deep wounds, and what led to the aggravation of the disaster is the lack of medical resources. [3]


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