The easiest way to make chocolate mousse

The easiest way to make chocolate mousse


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Chocolate mousse


  • Three hundred grams of chocolate crushed.
  • A teaspoon of liquid vanilla.
  • Cups of precious stones.
  • Half a cup of coffee concentrated.
  • One-third of a cup of sugar.
  • Six eggs yolks.

Presentation components:

  • Whipped cream.
  • Fingers biscuits.

How to prepare

  • The oven is heated to a hundred and eighty degrees centigrade, and install the middle shelf.
  • Bring tea cups or dishes individual offer.
  • Put a decent and sugar in a saucepan thick base, stir the ingredients on medium heat until sugar is dissolved and mixture boils.
  • Put egg yolks and vanilla in a deep dish, then add a small amount of precious mixture, and stir ingredients using a wooden spoon that is mixed with the yolk cream and the mixture becomes warm a little, then add the yolk directly on the hot stones becomes a protein found in the yolk together, and the mixture becomes thick textures.
  • In addition to the yolk precious in the pot, and stir the ingredients on low temperature until the mixture becomes intact.
  • Filter the mixture through a strainer into a deep soft dish, then add chocolate crushed and stirred until completely dissolved, then add the coffee.
  • Pour the mixture into the cups, and put them in a high-tray edge, then fill half of China's water.
  • Chinese put in the oven until it becomes a coherent mousses, and then remove it from the oven and leave it becomes completely cool.
  • Put cups mousse in the fridge to become a coherent and cool completely, then decorate the whipped cream and mousses fingers biscuits as desired, and then submitted.

Chocolate mousse with orange


  • Paquette of biscuits fingers.
  • Three-quarters of a cup of orange juice and sugar.

Chocolate mixture:

  • Tablespoon of butter, and milk.
  • Cup of liquid chocolate and crushed stones.

How to prepare

  • Bring a loaf mold medium size, then Tbtinh with a piece of nylon paper.
  • Put sugar and orange juice in a saucepan thick base, then put the pot to medium heat and stir ingredients until sugar is dissolved, then drink poured into a deep dish.

Prepare the chocolate mixture:

  • Put all of: chocolate, milk and butter in a cup scoop or dish deep, then put the cup in a pot where hot water, then the pot put on medium heat, and stir the chocolate using a broad spatula until dissolved and get a very smooth sauce.
  • Put stones in a deep dish and stirred an electric bat networks to double in size and become a coherent, then add the chocolate mixture and Tkulaibh that the components become homogeneous.

Formation Mousse:

It caught a finger of biscuits parties fingers, and then dipped in orange syrup, and place it in the bottom mold, and then repeat step with all fingers and placed adjacent in the bottom mold for the formation of a single layer of biscuits, and then distribute a small amount of chocolate mixture, dipping several fingers biscuits in orange syrup, and then arrange them over the chocolate mixture, and the distribution of the amount of plentiful chocolate mixture to cover the fingers of biscuits, and to complete the formation of layers of biscuits and a mixture of chocolate until it is finished with a layer of biscuits, then bend the parties to nylon paper on mousses, and place it in the fridge for several hours or all night.

How to apply:

Directed mousses template from the fridge, then remove the nylon surface paper, heart mousses on the serving dish, then decorate the dish with slices of orange and chocolate chips as desired, and then submit it cool.

Video Mousse Cake

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