The easiest way Mendy meat

The easiest way Mendy meat


  • 1 Mandi Meat 1.1 plug 1.2 Preparation
  • 1.1 plug
  • 1.2 Preparation
  • 2 Mandy Balzlan 2.1 components 2.2 Preparation
  • 2.1 components
  • 2.2 Preparation

Mandi Meat


  • Two cups of basmati rice.
  • Kg of lean meat, clip
  • Half a teaspoon of saffron.
  • Tablespoons of rose water.
  • Half a teaspoon of cumin fine.
  • Besltan chopped.
  • Promises a small cinnamon.
  • Tablespoons of corn oil.
  • Six grains of cardamom.
  • Ten grains of black pepper right.
  • A tablespoon of salt.

Cook rice ingredients:

  • A quarter cup of corn oil.
  • A tablespoon of salt.

How to prepare

  • Soak the rice in water salted warm for one hour, and soak the saffron in rose water.
  • Put oil, onion, meat in a saucepan and a wide permutation that Athmr meat then add cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, salt, cumin, and add six cups of water and cover the meat and leave an hour or until cooked.
  • Meat output and filter the broth and put it aside, then add water to become our three cups of gravy.
  • Run the oven at a temperature of 200 ° C and put the meat in the tray and distortion for ten minutes.
  • Coal is heated to become a cinder.
  • Heat the oil and add the rice and Tkulaibh to be mixed with oil, then add the broth, salt, and put it on a strong fire that is absorbed rice broth, then the distribution of saffron rice.
  • Bring a piece of paper and aluminum work cavity in the surface of the rice and put the paper in it, and put a teaspoon of oil inside, then the meat distribution on the surface of the rice.
  • Taking anthrax and then dropped in aluminum, and close the pot quickly and left to simmer for thirty minutes until Azbk rice.
  • Directed meat and stir the rice to be distributed saffron and place in serving dish and the distribution of meat over rice.

Mandi Balzlan


  • A kilo of chicken Graman.
  • A tablespoon of salt.
  • Audan of cinnamon.
  • Two grains of Lummi.
  • Two cards of laurel.
  • Ten grains of cardamom.
  • Ten grains of cloves.
  • A quarter of a teaspoon of saffron.
  • Large onion cut into quarters.

Frying chicken ingredients:

  • A quarter of a teaspoon of saffron.
  • A tablespoon of rose water.

Boil rice ingredients:

  • Four tablespoons of margarine, or oil.
  • Three cups basmati rice.
  • Four centuries of green pepper.
  • Besltan chopped.
  • Half a cup of raisins.

How to prepare

  • Put the chicken, salt, cinnamon, Lummi, laurel, cardamom, cloves, saffron, onions in a deep saucepan, submerging the chicken with water and place it over medium heat until the foam is made, using the same holes spoon is disposed of foam, leaving the chicken on fire to simmer Completely.
  • Directed chicken broth and filter broth and get rid of the right spices.
  • Oven heating at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius, and bring up an oven tray suitable.
  • Put saffron, rose water in a small dish and act together to mingle components.
  • Distribution of half the amount of a mixture of saffron chicken with scrubs it completely to Itagty, then put the chicken in Chinese and then add a cup of broth in Chinese.
  • Put the chicken in the oven for twenty minutes until it becomes golden.
  • Put the amount of four and a half cups of broth in a deep saucepan and add two tablespoons of margarine, and heated on a strong fire to boil and then add the rice, pepper, and leave it boils to form on its surface holes.
  • Put the rest of the margarine in a pan over medium heat and add the onion and Tkulaibh little to soften then add raisins, stirring to swell raisins beads and then distribute the mixture on the surface of the rice.
  • Distribution of rose water, and the rest of the saffron mixture on rice.
  • Directed chicken from the oven and place it on the surface of the rice.
  • Bring a small piece of aluminum paper and put it in the middle of the chicken and put a few drops of corn oil within.
  • Put a piece of charcoal on a strong fire to become a red color and then become Jamra placed inside a piece of aluminum and then cover the pot quickly gather to smoke in the pot and impregnating coal mandi taste.
  • Leave the rice on a very quiet fire for forty minutes until fully cooked.
  • Lift the chicken pieces and put it aside after the disposal of coal.
  • Rice poured in a dish offer, and the distribution of chicken over it.


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