The easiest diet for the belly and buttocks

The easiest diet for the belly and buttocks


  • 1 Obesity
  • 2 reasons for obesity
  • 3 solutions to the problem of obesity 3.1 food 3.2 Exercise
  • 3.1 food
  • 3.2 Exercise


The problem of obesity have emerged among all races and ages, especially in the abdomen and buttocks, concerns everyone is focused on getting rid of this problem and find out their causes and foods that should be avoided and methods of treatment and reduce them being the problem of lead to psychological and physical problems, such as loss of self-confidence, and increase the accumulation of fat in the body, so We offer you the solution and the best way health and get rid of excess weight.

The causes of obesity

If you are experiencing this problem, or is threatened with weight gain, you must first know the causes, the most important of these causes is to eat excessive amounts need of carbohydrates and fats, and not to do any activities sport to burn calories Ahararaah, in addition to drowsiness and sleep for long periods and sitting and standing wrong Bodaaat and not eating foods health that will facilitate the process of digestion and burning fat and not eating sufficient amounts of water.

Solutions to the problem of obesity


Solution to this problem is to stop eating saturated fat foods containing huge quanta calories, stay away from sugars, soft drinks, carbohydrates, fast food, eating foods containing low proportions of fat to meet the body's need as little olive oil, whole grains, and a handful nuts, focus on eating fruits Alumblynp oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, berries, and eat healthy vegetables in abundance Kalcrvs, squash, pumpkin, lettuce, and worth mentioning that you should stay away from eating greenhouse vegetables water retention due to the importance of water to lose body weight Kalpndorh, focus natural juices and health soups.

You can adopt the lemon drink diluted to burn fat and lose weight, all you need is to put some lemon slices in two liters of water and drink during the day, but if I felt a burning sensation Fayalmadh, please ease the number of slides so that no more than just slides.


Physical exercise is the main catalyst to burn calories that enter the body of all kinds, fast walking and exercise morning and special exercises to lose tight abdomen and buttocks sport pressure, squat, bike aerobics, bike riding, swimming, if possible, and to do the habits of healthy metal daily use the stairs instead of the elevator and use of leisure time in the movement instead of sitting, no doubt that the sport must be daily and not less than half hours continuously.

These tips included reducing the problem of weight gain in the abdomen and buttocks and tighten the muscles of this area and stay away from many diseases and mental health problems and a healthy and useful life of the system.


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