The difference between coriander and parsley

The difference between coriander and parsley


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  • 2 The difference between parsley and coriander 2.1 shape and texture 2.2 taste and smell 2.3 Uses
  • 2.1 shape and texture
  • 2.2 taste and smell
  • 2.3 Uses

Parsley, coriander

Parsley and coriander from the leafy plants that are frequently used in the kitchen, where he uses both parsley and coriander different and distinct ways from each other, but it happens often to go housewife to the market to shop and provide various home accessories, but when you return to the house is unable to differentiate between parsley and coriander that Aptaathma while shopping, leaving a confused do not know what to do.

The difference between parsley and coriander

Parsley leaf is similar with coriander leaf to a very large extent, but there are some differences that help Tmisahma from each other.

Shape and texture

It seems clear the difference between the shape and form of parsley coriander through note the following:

  • Legs, parsley stalks are more casually and Tdoara them with the coriander, and without tops Ogassanh of the leaves, while some of them are located in the branches of coriander tops.
  • The leaves, be small-sized coriander leaves and contain a number of angles Pointed more than in large parsley leaves somewhat.
  • Texture, can be felt Palmlms soft and smooth leaves of parsley, while the coriander leaves coarsely feel somewhat.
  • Color, featuring green parsley leaves Blunha light, while the color is clearly darker with the coriander leaves.
  • Shape, parsley leaves are similar in shape to a large extent, while some of the differences can be observed in the form of coriander leaves from paper to another.

Taste and smell

  • Taste, where the taste of coriander leaves stronger and more visible than the taste of parsley leaves, while the taste of parsley leaves a delicious uncooked, but it is not acceptable to the coriander leaves.
  • Smell, for both plants characteristic odor differentiation from the other, characterized by the obvious smell fragrant coriander spread in the air, and the parsley Fraianh light and less obvious.


  • Cooking, parsley Nya without having El cooking uses, often used parsley leaves fresh garnish adorn the different types of food, and are widely used in different types of authorities and urination, but coriander enters use in the field of cooking and various cooks, because it can not be eaten unless cooked , enters in the preparation of all kinds Alikhneh also falafel.
  • Spices, dried coriander leaves and milled to be used as one month spice in the world of cooking and Otaibha flavor, but parsley is not.
  • Treatment, uses parsley plant fully in the treatment of inflammation of the excretory system, Kalthabat bladder and urinary tract, and cases of disorder cycle monthly, digestive, and coriander came an appropriate solution for the treatment of asthma, joint pain and swelling of the stomach, is also used to calm the nerves and get rid of feelings of anxiety overload.


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