The difference between colds and flu

The difference between colds and flu


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  • 3.1 How to tell the difference between colds and flu
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Colds and flu

Colds and flu from similar diseases to a large extent to the extent that many people make mistakes Ptchkasma similarity and can look, when you wake up the person to sleep, a cough or sneeze with a pain in the whole body does not know whether it was infected with a cold or the flu, so it is very important to know the difference between the two diseases the person can get proper treatment and effective, although in most cases be Alajhma similar to a large extent.

Symptoms of colds

Symptoms of a cold start usually with a severe sore throat, which usually resolves on its own after two days of injury to the person, and four days after almost appear to have nose symptoms, such as gonorrhea, and congestion, with irritating cough and severe, in addition to the accompanying fever chills and feeling cold . Nose may begin to secrete watery fluid dark when the person's appearance to heal and the approaching demise of the cold.

Symptoms of colds usually last for a week and at least one, and during the first three days of a cold is contagious, which means that the person to stay at home and keep away from others as much as possible so as not to convey to them the disease as well. If you do not heal the person from the cold after the week may be infected with a bacterial infection, which means that it antibiotics.

Symptoms of the flu

The symptoms of influenza are usually more severe than cold symptoms appear quickly, and some of its symptoms: sore throat, fever, headache, pain in the muscles and joints, and coughing.

Most of these symptoms improve automatically after two days or five days since its appearance, and the complications that may arise in some cases of acute pneumonia, a result of the descent of inflammation and move happens to the lungs in severe cases, when you notice a narrow person sharp in his breathing him to see a doctor on immediately.

How to tell the difference between colds and flu

Through reflection on the symptoms that it has, and the distinction between the symptoms of both diseases, or by reviewing your doctor for proper diagnosis, doctor is only able to find out the main differences between them.

The treatment of colds and flu

Drink hot drinks and blended with honey, drink natural lemon juice with one teaspoon of natural honey, or green tea with mint and one teaspoon of honey, or drink hot chicken soup helps to relieve the symptoms associated with both diseases. Or antibiotics and medications prescribed by your doctor to treat the symptoms and finally a short period of two days on the estimated upper limit.


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