The date of the death of Mohamed V Ben Youssef

The date of the death of Mohamed V Ben Youssef


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The death of Mohamed V Ben Youssef

Mohammed V died in the twenty-sixth of the month of February in 1961, and his death in the city of Rabat, [1] a sudden and unexpected; He died after conducting a simple process as a result of suffering a heart attack, and his successor in the judgment of his son Hassan II, [2] the original name is Muhammad ibn Yusuf, the Sultan of Morocco in the period of (1927-1957 AD), the fifth and Ould Mohamed on the tenth of the month of August in 1909 in the Moroccan city of Fez. [1]

About Sultan Mohammed V

Mohammed V belongs to strain the upper, but exiled to Madagascar in the period from (1953-1955m), and after returning them became the Sultan of Morocco for two years, and in 1957 he became the king of the State of Morocco, a king and continued on the country until his death, he referred to as he married 3 women, have been named after the international airport, and a number of roads, universities, and this was the label after his death; As a matter of pride as a result of legacy left by his people. [3]

Sultan attempts in the Moroccan independence

Rebel movements on the colonial rule appeared to Morocco in mid-1920, and increased the desire to get the country's independence, especially after the Second World War, and therefore stressed the Sultan Mohammed V, the National Party and the Independence Party on the need for full Moroccan sovereignty in 1944, and in 1953 denied the French Sultan Mohammed V, and put the place of Mohammed Ben Arafa, which people opposed it widely, and as a result of the disposition of the oldest people of Morocco on the gift of popular anger, so forced the French to return the Sultan Mohammed to Morocco, and in 1956 the king declared the freedom of Morocco from the French grip, Spain also abandoned the land claim of Morocco, and in the eighteenth of November, celebrated the sacrifices of their ancestors and the Moroccan royal family, the Sultan and the return from exile in Madagascar. [4]


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