The cube space law

The cube space law


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The cube is known (in English: Cube) in Euclidean geometry as a model of a solid regular shape, consists of six aspects, which are identical boxes linked together to form both edges and peaks, and is a cube-or the so-called hexachlorobenzene aspects (in English: hexahedron) - of maquettes the five called Platonic solids, [1] [2] It is the term given to the body, which are all facets polygonal, and regular, and similar. [3]

The cube space

Since the cube consists of a square shape aspects, it is important to know how to calculate the area to find which box to the cube space law. The box (English: Square) is a geometric shape is a special case of the rectangle, as it is a rectangle of all ribs equal in length, and to find the rectangle area is a product of the length (longest side) * width (rib Luxor), and as the lengths of the sides of equal square, the length equal to the offer, and therefore can get the area of ​​the square to find the product of the rib in the same, any Petrabieh, [4] and symbols:

As for the area of ​​the cube can be calculated by calculating the total aspects of the cube spaces, [4] and the cube space is divided into two types:

  • Cube space total: (English: TotalSurface Area), is the total area of ​​all faces of the six, and since these boxes completely identical can calculate the area of ​​one of these boxes and hit the area resulting in the number 6 (which refers to the number of aspects of the cube), can thus find a cube space the length of his rib o through the law: [4]
  • Lateral surface of the cube space: (English: Lateral Surface Area), is the sum of aspects of the cube spaces except double-sided upper and lower, as can be found through the following law: [5]

Examples of the cube space account

While some examples that illustrate how to calculate the area of ​​the cube comes: [6]

  • Example 1: grandfather cubic side length of one area of ​​ribs 3 cm.
  • Example 2: Calculate the cubic space if the length of one ribs 5 cm.
  • Example 3: grandfather cubic length of one area of ​​ribs 1/2 cm.
  • Example 4: cubic length of 7 cm rib, calculate the total area. [7]
  • Example 5: very cube space along a 7.2-inch ribs. [7]
  • Example 6: cubic length rib 3 ÷ 2, calculate the area.
  • Example 7: Find the ratio between the total area and the surface area of ​​the side of the cube. [8]


The cube space of its size account

The cube can calculate the area when you know the value of its size, note that the cube = S³, where: Q size = side length of the cube, [2] and to find the cube space in this case can follow the following steps: [9]

  • Calculate the length of the rib of the cube size through the compensation law in size and find the root of the size of cubism given, and be done either by using a calculator or by searching for a number to be proud of beaten three times the value produces size.
  • After knowing the side length of the cube is applied to the cube space law and to find space, in the example of what comes this:

Calculate the length of the cube of the rib area

If the value of the cube space information, you can find a side length of the cube by rearranging the space law as follows: [10]

  • Example 1: 96 cubic square cm², calculate the length of a side. [7]
  • Example 2: very side length of a cube if you learned that an area equal to 384 cm². [11]

Cube parts

The cube consists of five parts, namely: [2]

  • Face (side): (English: Face), Valmkaab consists of six aspects of a square shape, each face four equal lengths and four inner corners of the list.
  • Edge: (English: Edge), a cube line consists of twelve edge or equal ribs in length, and the edge is produced from the confluence of two heads together.
  • Head: (English: Vertex), eight per cubic heads, which is a point formed at the confluence of three edges together.
  • Two-dimensional Diameter: (English: Face diagonals), the cube consists of twelve in diameter, which is a line of heads Almtaaksh up in every face, and can be calculated through the law:
  • Three-dimensional diameter: or diameter space (in English: Space diagonals), for every cubic 4 diameters internal, which is a line connecting the corners or heads Almtaaksh cube inside, he reaches between the two pillars opposite categorically the inside of the cube, and can be calculated through the law:

Cube properties

Cube number of the most important characteristics: [2]

  • Every facet of the cube is associated with four other aspects.
  • All surface level angles are angles and measured 90 degrees.
  • Heads consist of confluence of three ribs together.
  • Edges opposite each face in parallel with each other.

Video on how to calculate the size of the cube

To learn how to calculate the size of the cube watched the video. [12]


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