The concept of the group in Social Psychology

The concept of the group in Social Psychology


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Building group of individuals interaction arises involved in motivation and objectives within a certain period of time, as it gets interaction between them to solve a general problem or to achieve a common goal calls for cooperation between them, as the differentiation of roles, and a concerted effort illustrates the social relationship between the members of the group type, method contact between them, and identify centers of influence, and the possibilities of social mobility.

Elevate any social group of distinct locations where, and arrange tasks for its members, and this ensures the substantive competence of the group (the degree of success in achieving the goals of collective goals), and self-efficacy (ie the degree of success in satisfying its members).

The concept of the Community

Community: The social unit consists of a group of individuals (two or above) connects them social interaction and mutual, and relations explicit, so that it is determined by the role of individuals, social status, a set of standards and values ​​for and governed by that determine the behavior of its members, at least in matters pertaining to the group, in order to achieve a common goal, and in which the presence of individuals imbued with some of the needs of each of them.

Community recipes

Undergone by the group of social psychology to the foundations based on the types of taxonomic groups, and the need to meet the specific needs of them, as explained to the social role played by each type, which is clearly shown by the following table:

Effects building group

  • Ensure the efficiency of the group objectively, and subjective.
  • Natural and social environment: For example, we may find dedicated to children's play area, type, and quantity of play tools may affect the construction of the group, and the order of building houses affect residential city, or apartments in a residential building in the friendships between them.


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