The concept of the education system and the factors affecting it

The concept of the education system and the factors affecting it


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Educational system

The education system of the most important systems that each State to develop plans commensurate with the needs of the community to produce generations live up to its community towards scientific and economic progress, and this system has goals and plans to be achieved, which is at the same time flexible any Negotiable system adjustable when there is a need for it, Valmnahj educational according to changing some of the developments on the general framework of the educational system and modern methods of education, and perhaps the technology and the scientific revolution taking place significant impact in changing some of the curriculum.

The concept of the education system

The education system is a framework that includes all the necessary educational process elements of the goals and objectives and systems, as well as teachers, students, and all employees in the education sector, this system includes the physical capabilities of educational establishments from schools, universities and curricula, and all these components are connected to each other relationships make them cooperate with each other to achieve the objectives set in advance of the state.

Education system characteristics

  • Independent system itself.
  • Affected and affects the surrounding environment.
  • Integrated elements interact with each other; As these are associated with elements of complementary relations.
  • Transforms inputs into outputs, ie students processing and converting them from students to graduates.

Factors affecting the education system

The education system is like any other regulation factors affect it, but must develop goals and plans according to these factors, and education is influenced by the following factors:

  • Population factor: This factor is divided into two categories regarding the different races in that State, and the second for the distribution of the population by age categories.
  • Cultural factor: religion, language, customs, traditions and ethics of any state has a role in the educational plans that are placed within the educational system, and culture is a factor of the most important factors affecting the students' education.
  • Economic factor: This shows clearly in the developed and rich countries, the more the state stronger economy was also a strong education system; As the difference in services, buildings and tools used appears in education from one country to another depending on the state of the economy.
  • The geographical factor: As the climate role in determining the dates of the start of the study and official holidays, and the nature of the environment that State has a role in determining the academic plan because there must be a consensus between the environmental nature and some of the school activities.
  • The political factor: the political factor of the factors that affect the various state systems, fall under this factor all the ideas and principles underlying the political power of the state is; Where it should be to teach students and introduce them to the policy of their country so that they are able to engage in the political sphere of the country, and the political wars and problems have a role in influencing the educational system as the postponement of the study periods until the war ends.


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