The concept of planning for teaching

The concept of planning for teaching


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Planning Process

Planning is the strategic tools of modern and one of the modern administrative activities emanating from the management field strategy that includes all fields of work, whether social or economic, or political, or academic and educational, so is this responsible activity directly from setting goals to be achieved in the organization, and identify ways to achieve them through an in-depth analytical study of each of the environment of the Interior in the organization, and identify strengths and weaknesses, and the external environment that directly affect the organization, are affected by and affect them, and identifies this activity opportunities that must seize, expected threats, which must take the necessary measures to address them. [1]

The planning in general is a tool inevitable towards regular work, so we find present in all modern institutions that respect the development and progress, and strives to move from reality to reality better than him, including educational institutions, which need this element exceptionally, being mainly to organize the teaching process at all levels of education, and because of its importance we chose to review the most prominent concepts that refer to it accurately in this article. [2]

The concept of planning for teaching

The teaching planning of the branches of activity planning educational total educational, with particular means to achieve optimal exploitation of the human element of the organization, and is interested in this element as one of the main resources that serve the pre-defined goals, being directly responsible for the operation of other elements and the achievement of the objectives of different strategy, where they pass through this process is a set of phases of regular and chained them develop a clear plan and a solid to study the development of the teaching of all aspects, that of the most strategic approaches that develop annual plans based on educational goals, and formulate monthly and weekly plans, and preparing in advance for teaching before holding quotas and lectures, and takes all the information in the curriculum, used the occasion to deliver information to students methods. [3]

Planning for teaching objectives

This strategic approach aims to achieve a number of educational and sub-goals, which is highlighted in the following: [4]

  • Develop appropriate curriculum for each educational stage.
  • Planning of the educational process, the choice of teaching methods and efficient, and the selection of appropriate classroom environments that ensure the achievement of different goals.
  • Recruitment of qualified staff for education, in terms of specialization and skills, and to determine the number and quality of students, admission criteria, qualification, standards of success and excellence, training, motivation, and conducting competitions, and other key tasks and functions that ensure the achievement of the educational institution with all the accuracy of a message, the opportunity allows to achieve its vision in the future within the available resources.
  • Full pursuit of access to other resources through internal and external support for the advancement of the educational process.
  • Inventory all the capabilities and resources available to serve the educational process, and give the profession based on the experience of adequate planning and organization will fulfill the desired objectives through the planning process of teaching.


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