The concept of motivation in psychology

The concept of motivation in psychology


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Motivation when psychologists

Motivation when the term psychologists demonstrates the behavior of people in different situations, it demonstrates the dynamic relationship between the organism and its surroundings, featuring innate and acquired factors, external and internal, emotional and unconscious, and everything related to the activity of mental and motor, it is a set of incentives in the behavior of the organism , whether an animal or a human being, and is different from human behavior that is based on conscious tests, the motives are present in the subconscious, psychologists use the term motivation to express the internal state of the psychological paid person towards a particular behavior to achieve a goal, it is a driving force of behavior, a student studying and strive hard to achieve the goal of success, access to a certain social status, and these motivations Nstanottagha of the behavior of the person, behavior is bound to mingle with people to be socially motivated, albeit heading to food, be driven by hunger, and tended to drink, be driven by thirst. [1]

Types of motivation

Multiple types of motives of which are internal, such as what is external: [2]

  • Innate motives: the motives that is born, which is inherent in the human instinct, which involved all living beings, there is no need to learn, such as hunger, thirst, sex, and motherhood.
  • Acquired motives: the motives that are derived from the human environment, and through its interaction with the community are motivated educated, Caldaf to love, appreciation, security, independence, and achievement.
  • Motives alarm: include sensory alarm, exploration, these impulses make the human maintains constant alert level, and this reverse innate motives, motive hunger, working to reduce the alarm, task motives alarm maintaining human activity, and that the duration of certain degree of excitement.
  • External motivation: an external, Kamwalim source, school management, parents, and friends, the student rushes to learn pleasing to his parents or to please his mentor.
  • Internal motivation: It stems from the motivation of the learner himself, Vindf to learning based on the satisfaction of the same inner desire.

The importance of motivation

The motivation of great benefits to the individual and society in general, including: [3]

  • Human help himself discover, identify, and act according to the circumstances and situations.
  • The individual acquires the ability to explain the actions of others, for example: in her mother see her children conduct rowdy rejected, but if I knew that this behavior is a result of the child to have compassion, and that his conduct seeks to draw her attention, it will help them to change their behavior.
  • Help to improve human behavior when you know the motivation, and thus Fbalamkan this guide behavior to restrict the views of society and the individual.
  • Play a positive role, and an important trend in the field of psychotherapy, their importance in interpreting the behavior of individuals and their responses.
  • Play an important role in some fields, as a field of education, and law.

Tips to Increase Motivation

Psychologists recommend making sure to increase the motivation of individuals, and these tips: [4]

  • An individual identifying its objectives clearly.
  • Individual attention to all stimuli that can get them when you reach the goal.
  • All the problems facing the ways to resolve the positive away anxiety, tension and nervousness, and the use of deliberate and effective strategies for this purpose.
  • Choose the simple and easy ways as much as possible and stay away from the difficult and non-obvious ways.
  • Self accustom to take responsibility for failure or success.
  • Self-reliance in business performance and the achievement of goals.
  • Organization and attention in the scientific and practical life.


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