The concept of family planning

The concept of family planning


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The concept of family planning

Known as the Rabat conference held Islam and family planning in 1971 family planning as that the action taken by the couple with complete conviction and without coercion or force to delay pregnancy or accelerate its occurrence using any of the permissible legally safe and healthy means, by taking into account the different living conditions of their circumstances, Vthdd times reproductive including commensurate with their economic, social, health, and thus avoid the indiscriminate reproduction damage. [1]

Benefits of Family Planning

Family planning a host of benefits due either to women or society as a whole, and the most prominent of these benefits as follows: [2]

  • Prevention of the risks of pregnancy and its consequences: as the various means of family planning allows women to spacing between loads, in some cases, in pregnancy risk to her health, as if large women are older and unable to bear the burdens of pregnancy health.
  • Reducing the number of deaths among infants: is the convergence of loads and the consequent health problems directly responsible for the death of a significant number of infants.
  • Reducing the number of infants infected with AIDS: Through contraceptives realized the desire of women coexisting with AIDS not to have children, because they suffer from the same disease.
  • Women's empowerment and raise the cultural level: where family planning women to continue their activities and its participation in society actors.

Family planning methods

Many family planning methods for every way the advantages and disadvantages are available, and this means the following: [3]

  • Pill: a pill women eat on a daily basis, they are easy to use and highly effective, but it is accompanied by some annoying symptoms of temporary Caldokhh headache, but does not allow infected women especially cancer, cervical and breast cancer, or infected liver disease and gallbladder taking them.
  • IUDs: where he is one of the effective means of contraception, which is a piece of plastic may be coated with wire copper, implanted in a woman's body, but it causes some light pain during the first days of his which go away after a short period.
  • Condoms: a rubber bag prevents the arrival of sperm to the genitals of women's channel, it also protects against sexually transmitted diseases, but it remains the possibility of pregnancy persists even with its use.


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