The concept of computer networks

The concept of computer networks


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  • 2.1 Local Area Networks (LAN)
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computer networks

Computer Network (in English: Computer Network) is a group of computers and systems of other computers connected to each other by using the channels of communication, working these channels to facilitate the communication process, with the aim of data connected electronically, facilitating access to information, and maintain between network users and allow file sharing over the network, communication and communication between computer users, [1] and the use of these computers languages ​​private network, called network protocols (network protocols), and is a TCP / IP protocol, the most common protocol and used on the Internet and home networks. [2]

Types of Computer Networks

Local Area Networks (LAN)

Operate local area networks (local-area networks) to connect computers and other peripheral devices with each other in a limited area, using wire, Ethernet, fiber optic, and Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi), which works to transfer data quickly, and can be used this type of network in offices or laboratories, or campus, which consists of two personal computers or more, printers, computers disks storing high capacity, which helps each computer connected to the network access to a shared set of files, and devices can share printers, storage devices, and access to data or processors or programs at the same time. [3]


Works WAN (wide-area networks) to connect computers and small networks to networks of large across larger geographic areas, different continents and can be linked to computers using cables or optical fiber, or satellites, and is typically used router device (Modem) , a device that allows computer devices to connect with each other through the phone lines, and is considered the largest web-wide network, which is a set of networks that connects billions of users in every continent. [3]


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