The concept of behavior in psychology

The concept of behavior in psychology


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  • 2 the concept of behavior in psychology
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  • 4 characteristics of human behavior
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Behavior and Psychology

Psychology is one of the branches of the humanities and who is interested in studying the organism in general, the behavior of human behavior, in particular, looks at this behavior in all its forms phenomenon that has been observed with the naked or latent eye and inward studying notes organs and scientific laboratories, depends this research and psychological studies on the scientific approach in fact-finding and gathering information about human behavior. [1]

The concept of behavior in psychology

The organism's behavior the primary axis of psychological studies of psychological science, psychology Visult light is mainly on the behavior in all its forms acceptable and unacceptable, and is interested in studying the normal standards of behavior and abnormal causes and circumstances of his appearance. Psychology has defined behavior through several definitions and concepts, such as the behavior is the case happening between the organism and its environment and the outside of his world interaction, and often appears in the form of behavior acquired behavioral responses and educated; By learning the individual training and observation and exposure to different experiences, known as well as the behavior as a set of responses issued by the individual to different environmental stimuli; Where the environment represents all the influences that support the emergence of a mechanism of behavior. [2]

Other definitions of behavior is all forms of the total response that appears when a living organism toward any situation faced, [3] as seen psychologists behavior in a holistic manner as an activity composite structure consists of three basic aspects, namely: [4]

  • Side cognitive: is the mental and cognitive processes range used by man to understand the events that revolve around it, and the mechanism of interaction with the way in which the person is unique using meanings and symbols, and the most important of these processes perception, memory, perception, symbolic, linguistic and verbal expression, and others.
  • Motor side: is all the physical responses that appear on the individual; Because of being a certain sexy, these responses are pictures of dynamic responses to verbal instructions, or the practice of writing, sports, or playing music, or car ride, and many others.
  • Emotional side: the situation is emotional and emotional experienced by the individual during the behavioral responses to different stimuli; Ie, the internal situation that accompanies a certain behavior, such as feelings of enthusiasm and happiness towards a particular activity, or a feeling of satisfaction or dissatisfaction sexy or other activity.

Types of behavior in psychology

Divides behavior in psychology into two main types, namely: [5]

  • -Response behavior: behavior is sentenced earlier his Palmthirat, when dramatic occurrence-response behavior immediately appears, for example, when chopping onions tears in the eyes were kind of closer to autonomic behavior behavior, as is this that the behavior is not affected by Palmthirat that followed, it is a constant does not change, but the changes are triggers that control this behavior.
  • Procedural behavior: is the behavior resulting from the responses that are formed and determined by environmental factors, such as social factors, economic, educational, religious. In general, procedural behavior is governed by its outcome, and the mechanism Agitators The way dimensionality may weaken this behavior or supported and strengthen, and may not have any effect on the behavioral response; It can not be aware of all the circumstances surrounding human beings in the present or past.

The characteristics of human behavior

Has several characteristics of human behavior is characterized by, namely: [6]

  • Predictability: is the subordination of human behavior and a certain complex system, when being able to identify the constituent elements of this system becomes possible to anticipate behavior and prediction, and believed the rates of behavior and researchers psychologists that the self-construction of the history of social and material conditions affecting the individual, whether past or present It is what determines the nature of his behavior; Since the understanding of all aspects of life and the circumstances that have affected the individual during his life contribute to the ease of expectation designated behavior in the particular circumstance where there is, with a reliance on objective and comprehensive knowledge of environmental conditions, but sometimes it becomes a process to predict the behavior of the individual is not possible; Because of the difficulty of the ability to fully take all the environmental conditions of his life.
  • Ability to control: is the re-arrange and organize Agitators previous environmental or subsequent behavior, and calls for the emergence of behavioral responses identified, the re-installation of events and coordination in a certain thoughtful aims to show a particular behavior, and be using the principles of psychological laws and behavioral.
  • Measurable: human behavior is a complex phenomenon; Because it divides into two parts, one phenomenon can be measured, and the other is invisible can not be measured, and led to different scientists in the ways of interpreting and measuring behavior, breakfast each direct standard methods Kalmlahzh and checklists, and others developed indirect methods Kachtbarat intelligence and personal tests or inferred behavior during the search in different behavioral manifestations.

Factors influencing the behavior

Different views of psychologists to determine the extent of the influence of different factors in both behavior whether environmental acquired or genetic inherited, was the opinion of some scholars that the individual's behavior is due to genetic factors transmitted to him by the genes that inherits from his parents, like intelligence and hair color, and added others scientists that human behavior acquires Ptcherb individual customs and traditions of environmental and social systems in which they live. [7]

The goals of Psychology

Psychology seeks to achieve a set of goals related to human behavior, namely: [1]

  • Interpretation and understanding of behavior: the pursuit of psychology is to collect information on all the underlying causes of the emergence of behavior and motivation driving him; Which helps to understand and understand his appearance mechanism, in addition to the knowledge of the factors that lead to him.
  • Prediction: is to identify behavioral responses through the knowledge of the emergence of factors and the nature of the behavior and all that affects it, and it provides the predictability of the time and the mechanism of the behavior occurs.
  • Adjust the behavior: is the perception motivated behavior and knowledge of the nature of the specific stimuli that lead to specific responses; Allowing the opportunity to adjust behavior and control by subjecting the individual to certain stimuli and factors and conditions, and lead to the emergence of specific responses and reactions.

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