The causes of fatigue and exhaustion

The causes of fatigue and exhaustion


  • 1 causes fatigue and exhaustion 1.1 Lack of exercise 1.2 not to drink water 1.3 iron deficiency 1.4 Permanent tension 1.5 Ahmalojbh Breakfast 1.6 fast food
  • 1.1 Lack of exercise
  • 1.2 not to drink water
  • 1.3 iron deficiency
  • 1.4 Permanent tension
  • 1.5 Ahmalojbh Breakfast
  • 1.6 fast food

The causes of fatigue and exhaustion

Many believe that the lack of sleep is the only reason for feeling tired and permanent fatigue, and this is true but sleep is not the only reason for this, although the importance of sleep and get the body enough sleep and rest, but there are a lot of different Hereafter causes that lead to feeling tired fatigue, we will address the following as the most common and most notably, to include the following:

Lack of exercise

Many believe that the activity and movement that leads to fatigue, and this is true when a human exercise strenuous work need a lot of effort; It is normal to feel tired, but can not perform aerobic exercise for this, so they are very important and necessary and must be preserved to exercise daily and regularly, so help to stimulate blood circulation and members of various body organs, so as to enable them to carry out their functions properly, and this in turn can man from exercising his day less tired as possible.

Not to drink water

Vatabiei required is to eat at least eight glasses of water a day; Even the body gives adequate moisture and protects it from different diseases and problems such as drought and decrease the volume of blood, as it is a rich array of minerals and salts necessary for the body until the vital functions required.

Iron deficiency

Iron leads many of the functions of the body, such as the delivery of oxygen to different cells and muscles, increasing the human ability to focus; So when this is the item level in the body will feel a little bit tired and therefore the inability to exercise its functions normally and properly, therefore it must be maintained for the body on it from different food sources, most notably vegetables, meat and nuts.

Permanent tension

Psychological and neurological Valadthrb consume large human energy, despite the fact that these natural feelings of anxiety and tension and fear, but the level of natural and non-excessive.

Ahmalojbh Breakfast

Considered breakfast fuel the basic body so that he can exercise his day normally, so help the elements obtained by the body through which to pump blood as well as oxygen to the cells and muscles, and thus carrying out metabolism naturally, it also reduces the amounts Taamm covered the rest of the day and thus reducing weight, always advised that this meal is rich with bread, eggs, butter, natural juice.

Eating junk food

These diets often contain large amounts of sugars and carbohydrates that increase the level of sugar in the blood, and thus lead not suddenly taken to decrease the rate of sugar in the body and feeling tired; So it is advisable not to get used to and make something essential.


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