The best gift for man

The best gift for man


  • 1 Portfolio
  • 2 personal grooming group
  • 3 Storage Bags
  • 4 useful gifts
  • 5 practical gifts
  • 6 References


It is advised to purchase a portfolio with a modern style for men who are still holding money in their pockets, such as the governor, who provide space to save more than one card with easy access to all the cards, and save the necessary money in, and there are types of portfolios that prevent the theft of information on credit cards , [1] There are also other types that can save money and where the mobile phone charging various electronic devices together, these species are sold on global sites on the Internet. [2]

Personal grooming group

This is the gift of the most important gifts for the man who keeps the external appearance; As this group contains the blades on the different purposes of razor blades, brush, shaving soap and other purposes, which enables him to get a professional haircut at home without having to go to the barber shop. [1]

Storage Bags

This gift fit men who travel a lot; As it is made up of storage bags rectangular shape, divided luggage and provide more space in the travel bag, and facilitate access to the desired purpose in the bag without having to look for between clothing or pouch pockets, in addition to the presence of other organizations easily put it in a backpack, or any type from other bags, and consists of a grid placed by a lot of rubber links proving above purposes such as pens, telephones, wiring, and any purpose can take a person's time in the search for him in the bag. [2]

Useful Gifts

To protect personal property from theft can buy a laptop lock that has a lock attached to a wire; Connects the laptop person can pull it and cling to him if someone was taking a laptop quickly and wanted to escape it, [2] or tracking device; It is a small electronic device such as key relationship, proving it has a lot of purposes; So do not waste such as keys and wallet, and make a sound simply press the control button. [3]

Operation Gifts

Impressed a lot of men handicrafts and craftsmanship, they can be giving these guys a lot of practical gifts that benefit them, such as magnetic wrist to put the nails and screws on it while working out; So do not waste these spikes and remain stuck where save time and mobile fire gift suitable for camping or family evenings in the yard outside it gives a fire for three hours continuously without the need for herbs or wooden sticks to ignite. [3]


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