The benefits of yeast

The benefits of yeast


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  • 2.1 Benefits of yeast to human health
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A living organism and a single cell, it contains a real kernel, tracking yeast kingdom fungi, and can live in the center of the antenna and antenna, are these objects to digest their food externally, and multiply the process of budding, some of which reproduce sexually, there are multiple such types, some useful, some of them causing damage.

The benefits of yeast

Benefits of yeast to human health

Yeast contain many of the nutrients most important vitamin B complex, and many mineral salts, and thus provide a great Voida body, including:

  • Treatment of anemia: yeast containing iron is the most important component in the formation of hemoglobin in the blood, and vitamin B is important in the maturation of red blood cells, and thus protect against anemia, and help to cure it.
  • Lowering cholesterol in the blood, and thus protection from cardiovascular life-threatening diseases.
  • Stimulate blood circulation.
  • Improve the ability to sleep, and thus help in the treatment of sleep disorder suffered by some people.
  • Protection from diabetes.
  • Prevention of infection in several types of cancer, because to have the ability to absorb ultraviolet radiation, thereby reducing the risk to the cells.
  • Improve mood, soothe the nerves, and therefore advised those suffering from depression taking them.
  • Contribute to the treatment of gout.
  • Delay the onset of signs of aging, they are resistant to skin wrinkles and reduce the appearance of gray hair in the hair.

Benefits of yeast in the industries

Enter the yeast in many industries, including:

  • Many of the food industry, they are used in the fermentation of the dough to make bread and pancakes, as they are used in the beer and wine industry.
  • Used in medical laboratories for the production of many vitamins manufactured in the form of drugs, as well as amino acids and hormones, such as hormone insulin factory for patients with diabetes type I.

How to use the yeast

Keep yeast in oxygen-free place, so be it packaging vicious, and after opening must Ctafez them in the refrigerator until use, and to take advantage of the yeast ingested without exposure to heat is recommended; This is because the yeast involved in the pastry and bread, do not retain the full nutritional value, and therefore advised to take a tablespoon of yeast with a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning to get the benefits of all of them, and there are some people who Arashwnha the authorities, can also be used externally to nourish the skin and resist the signs of aging through mixed with milk, or milk, or some warm water and sugar workshop, or apply the same mixture on the hair to strengthen and prevent the appearance of gray hair, or mixed with other masks for hair.


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