The benefits of watermelon for patients with diabetes

The benefits of watermelon for patients with diabetes


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The melon fruit refreshing types, consisting of pulp fragile, which is often pink color reddish, and some varieties that possess golden colostrum color is available, it contains this pulp on a small and solid with black color seeds, are available as well as other types of hybrid-free seeds, and watermelon external hard shell have several colors, such as green, or green-spotted white, or green edger, and be off either as oval or circular, and weighing up to 13.60 kg in some cases, grown watermelon in some parts of the United States, where warm weather, which helps to get a long growing season, and is the tropical areas of Africa are native to this fruit citizen, it is worth mentioning that many uses, but it is often eaten as a snack sweet, it is characterized by higher its content of water, low-calorie . [1]

The benefits of watermelon for patients with diabetes

There are no studies showing the benefits of watermelon in particular for patients with diabetes, but control of blood sugar levels is one of the important things for these patients, since the watermelon is full of sugars; It is possible to have an impact at these levels, and to monitor the effect of watermelon, or any other type of food infected with the disease; The index Algelaiseme is an important indicator of how changing glucose levels in the blood, and determines how fast sugar transmission found in the food into the bloodstream, as it gives each type of food value ranging from 1 to 100, it has identified these values ​​depending on the foods of reference, such as: bread white, sugar, it is worth mentioning that the highest number indicates greater speed in the entry of sugar into the bloodstream, increasing the risk of a sudden rise in blood sugar levels. [2] [3]

The melon is up the value of its index Glycemic to about 76; A high value; Therefore, patients with diabetes are advised of the need moderation in eating, while trying to eat along with food rich in fiber, proteins, and healthy fats; Such as seeds, nuts, which helps to enhance the feeling of fullness for longer, in addition to reducing the effect of watermelon in blood sugar levels, and it should be noted that there is some evidence indicating that eating this fruit may help reduce the risk of some complications related to diabetes, but it is not available research has examined the direct relationship between eating, and controlling diabetes. [2] [3]

The benefits of watermelon in general

In addition to the above, the melon has many health benefits, and mentions them as follows: [4] [5]

  • Promote heart health: the watermelon contains Alcetrawlin compound (in English: Citrulline), which helps the body to produce arginine (in English: Arginine); Which in turn helps manufacture mono nitrogen oxide (in English: Nitric oxide); Which works Comerkh muscles, which contributes to maintaining blood pressure, in addition to maintaining the tension of blood vessels (in English: Vascular tone), also reduces LDL cholesterol levels, and the accumulation of plaques of the arteries, as watermelon contains large amounts of potassium, low amounts of sodium; Which makes it a good choice for people with high blood pressure.
  • Reduce the accumulation of fat in the body: because of the shift Alcetrawlin to arginine; The result of this transformation is the so-called Polyarginine peptides; Which stop the activity of the enzyme, which is known for short as TNAP, which reduces the amount of fat produced by fatty cells and reduce their accumulation in the body that.
  • Moisturizing body: it is an ideal choice watermelon irrigation thirst in the hot summer days; As it reaches the percentage of water in which 92% of its components, it also reduces the temperature of the body, which protects against infection stroke sun, as it is the body feeds through moisturizing cells, and maintain water balance which, in addition to compensating electrolyte (in English: Electrolyte) that lost as a result of sweating; It is characterized by this kind of rich fruit of its content electrolyte and rehydration salts (in English: Rehydration salts).
  • Help to fight infection: This is due to the content of melon of vitamin C, with the cup one of it contains 39% of the recommended daily amounts out of this vitamin, as it is classified as a powerful antioxidant that helps the body to enhance its resistance to pathogens, and reduce the free radicals that cause cancer.
  • Promote healthy skin and hair: improves eating adequate amounts of vitamin C body immunity, also enhances the production of collagen, and maintain, and is this article of the basic proteins found in the skin, and hair.
  • Help improve kidney health: it helps melon to reduce the concentration of uric acid in the blood, reducing kidney stone be, in addition to reducing the risk of liver damage, it is worth mentioning that watermelon contains potassium, which helps to purify the residue of toxins from the kidneys.
  • Content of lycopene: a type of plant chemicals, which gives watermelon its red color, as it is an antioxidant that reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, has been one of the reports indicated that lycopene consumption may be effective in reducing the risk of stomach cancer, cancer the prostate, breast, and lung cancer. [6]

The nutritional value of watermelon

The following table shows the amounts of nutrients available in one cup, or the equivalent of 152 grams of watermelon cut into cubes: [7]


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