The benefits of the fruit holder

The benefits of the fruit holder


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Fruit: are the fruits of plants that protect the seeds of the plant, characterized by Bactnazha water, and as sweet or sour taste, it is recommended taking it on an empty stomach; Because they contain simple sugars, which leads to slow down the process of digestion, and contains vitamins that work on the prevention of osteoporosis and strengthened and many other benefits, where it enters the chemical composition of many useful minerals for the human body, and less than the calories ratio of heat, leading to maintain the agility of the body, so it is recommended capturing on a daily basis, especially for pregnant women.

The benefits of the fruit holder

Fruit is generally useful for pregnant women, but there are some more useful species; To contain the elements that you need pregnant in this task and difficult period, so doctors recommend taking them regularly, such as:

  • Avocado: Works on the composition of the brain and the nervous system of the fetus, calm the nausea of ​​pregnancy, and contains a high proportion of healthy fats holder so it is an important alternative for fatty food.
  • Mango: extend the pregnant body with vitamin "A", which works on the development of the heart, lungs, bones, breathing apparatus, and blood circulation.
  • Banana: Feeding baby potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B elements, relieves stomach pregnant, works on the fast energy-saving holder after feeling tired.
  • Strawberry berries: rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, which works on the bones and teeth of fetal growth, and useful in stimulating the muscles in pregnant and prevent convulsions, and help adjust the rates of insulin and blood sugar.
  • Kiwi: rich in vitamin C, which works to prevent the occurrence of constipation for pregnant, and the growth of the nervous system of the fetus, and is considered an antioxidant, it protects nuclear DNA during the split and form the embryo cells.
  • Apple: A pregnant woman helps digestion, energy and gives it the activity, the formation of the nervous system and the muscle of the fetus.
  • Orange: helps to install the pregnancy, and stimulate blood circulation, and the growth of bones and teeth and tissues of the fetus.
  • Grapes: Composition bones and tissues of the fetus, preventing constipation.

Harmful fruits Stand

  • Goitre: causes the offending throat or palpation, raise the mother's degree temperature which leads to the occurrence of bleeding.
  • Longan or dragon's eyes: cause constipation when pregnant, and raise the heat jolt, leading to the occurrence of bleeding, and the negative impact on the normal growth of the fetus.
  • Peach: raise the body temperature of pregnant than cause rash and threatening the life of the fetus.
  • Guava: cause constipation, and raise body temperature.
  • Litchi: diabetes and overweight.
  • Cream: raise body temperature.

How to make a fruit cocktail holder

  • Put more than one type of fruit in a blender.
  • Add milk or yogurt to it.
  • Add a little sugar.
  • Run the mixer, to mix all the ingredients together.


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