The benefits of the fig tree

The benefits of the fig tree


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FIG tree

The fig (in English: Figs) one of the oldest fruits known to humans, and extends its origin from Turkey to northern India, also spread in many countries of the Mediterranean Sea. While mainly dried figs are produced in the United States, Turkey, Greece and Spain, with a high nutritional value fruit, rich in large fiber. [1]

The benefits of the fig tree

Featuring figs Bmmagah sweet, light flavor, as it is considered a few calories, and does not contain fat, in addition to that it has many health benefits, including: [2]

  • Is one of the richest plant sources a range of vitamins and minerals: including: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, and a group of vitamin B, potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, and iron.
  • The best plant sources of calcium, so can prevent osteoporosis.
  • Contains fiber that may help relieve constipation, feeling of fullness and the fullness longer period: as it may help to lower cholesterol, and control sugar levels in the blood.
  • Dried figs contain antioxidants high quality: which are believed to reduce free radicals (in English: Free radicals) destructive to the cells of the body.
  • It can contribute to the organization of the symptoms of diabetes: And according to one study found when using fig leaves, and although it should be noted that it is not a substitute for drugs, and is therefore recommended to consult a doctor to see if they add figs good when developing a plan for diabetic patients.
  • It helps skin balance: as there is research preliminary suggest health benefits to the skin has been used in ancient times as a treatment popular for some skin problems such as eczema, vitiligo, psoriasis, but there are no scientific studies confirm this, and the mashed figs is used as a treatment popular acne, in addition to the milk of the fig tree (in English: fig tree latex) helps to remove warts when you put them according to what showed one of the studies, and also can be used figs in the manufacture of a rich mask with antioxidants nourishing for the skin and is considered as pureed figs and put on the face in the movement of the circle can be add a tablespoon of yogurt to increase the benefits of moisturizing, leaves for 10-15 flour, and then rinse well with lukewarm water, but it has to be careful not to use it for those who suffer from milk allergy fig tree.
  • Contributes to maintaining the health of the hair: some studies have pointed to the importance of some nutrients found in figs so, including: zinc, copper, element selenium, calcium, and B vitamins, vitamin C, since some of these elements lack of Kalzenk and copper may lead to hair loss . Also believes that figs strengthens and moisturizes and promotes hair growth, but the scientific research on the benefits of hair is not enough, it should be noted that the fig is one of the components of shampoo and hair conditioner.

The nutritional value of Tin

The following table shows the nutrients found in the medium grain size equal to approximately 50 grams of figs: [3]

Damage Warning figs and use

Often considered eating figs safe when most people are either fresh or blow-dry if moderate amounts with food, but the contact with figs or leaves the skin can cause rashes in sensitive people. [4] There are some warnings to avoid harmful effects in a number of cases, including: [4]

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women: where is recommended to avoid eating large quantities of women, where there is not enough information to find out if consumed in large quantities as a medicine is safe.
  • People who suffer from allergies: as it may cause allergic reactions to people who are allergic berries or natural rubber.
  • Diabetic patients: it reduces the figs of sugar in the blood, so it must be for people with diabetes control sugar if taken.
  • People who want to perform surgery where he prefers to stop eating figs as a medicine before the date of the planned surgery have at least two weeks, it is difficult to control the sugar in the blood during and after surgery if taken.

Drug interactions with figs

Teen can interact with some medications, so it must be careful when eating, and the most important interactions: [4]

  • Insulin (in English: Insulin): where eating fig leaves leads to lower blood sugar, and insulin Askhaddm for the same purpose, which may cause a significant decrease in the level of sugar in the blood. Which requires changing the dose of insulin.
  • Antidiabetic drugs: as it is used to reduce the proportion of sugar in the blood, and leads eating fig leaves to be reduced as well, so you should monitor blood sugar is well to avoid dropping dramatically, and make sure if there was a need to change the dose of medication.


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