The benefits of some fruits

The benefits of some fruits


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Is the fruit of the most important nutrients that the human must be careful to be addressed on a regular basis, because they contain many useful elements for their health, such as vitamins, mineral salts, dietary fiber, antioxidants and others, in addition to contain a small percentage of the material sugary, and we will remember you in this article, the benefits that can be obtained from certain types of fruits.

The benefits of some fruits


  • It reduces the fat and cholesterol found in the body.
  • It contributes to reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure.
  • It protects the body from diabetes and asthma.
  • It cleans the body from all toxins and germs and dirt accumulated inside the body, in order to contain antioxidants.

the strawberry

  • Thdy llghayh active form of Neuroscience, vttbr llalam habitat.
  • Reduce the growth of cancer cells.
  • Contribute to weight loss, and to get rid of a large proportion of fat accumulated in the body, because they contain a large proportion of the compounds that help burn fat.
  • Teeth whitening and protection from decay.

the banana

  • It addresses the problem of diarrhea.
  • It limits the hardening of the arteries and kidneys, so people infected with heart disease are advised to eat a grain of bananas a day regularly.
  • Calms stomach nagging sore.
  • The body protects against anemia caused by following a severe diet, so as to contain a large proportion of potassium.


  • It strengthens the muscles of the intestine.
  • Limiting constipation.
  • Rid of the damaged and dead cells, and the cells have a new net.
  • Addresses the flu, severe colds, and colds and others.
  • Generates urine, and unrelenting kidney stones and bladder.
  • It protects against wrinkles and lines Alrfieh, and the effects of aging and signs of aging.


  • It facilitates the process of digestion.
  • It activates the nerves and muscles, and expels toxins of them, and renews its cells.
  • Protect against the incidence of cancer.
  • Weight increases.

The benefits of public fruit

  • Ease of accumulated gases in the human body, because they contain a large proportion of fiber, plus they regulate the functions of the intestines, and keeps the acidity.
  • Enjoy the skin, restore vitality and activity to him, plus they get rid of dead and damaged skin cells.
  • Get rid of the weight Zid, and eliminate a large proportion of harmful fat in the body, because they contain a large proportion of water, and thus get a graceful and harmonious body, free from all defects and problems.
  • Give your skin freshness and makes them attractive and pure throughout the day, as they contribute to the filtered and bleached.
  • Protect tissues from damage.
  • Digestive system performance improvement.


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