The benefits of olive oil and castor hair

The benefits of olive oil and castor hair


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Is considered the scalp health is the strong foundation that stimulates hair growth in healthy way, no doubt that the continuous use of cosmetics hairdressing consisting of dyes, sprays and shampoos that enters installed in many of the chemicals that affect hair moisture, causing being exposed to damage, and embrittlement , and precipitation, and there are many natural remedies that help get healthy hair most important natural oils, so in this article we will mention the benefits of olive oil, castor oil for hair.

The benefits of olive oil for hair

  • Rid of dandruff, it is a good moisturizer for the scalp, and can benefit from it about the way mixed with lemon juice in equal quantities, and massage the scalp with the mixture, and leave it for twenty minutes, then wash hair as usual.
  • Addresses the problems of pounding hair, where it is exposed to the bomb and break-up, particularly in the days of winter, it seems chaotic and Haiha, it can be applied to it; To give him the moisture and softness, and thus improve its appearance.
  • It gives shine and luster distinctive, it is an important source of vitamin A, vitamin (j), it also contains a high proportion of antioxidants that have effective role in the protection of keratin material in it, and prevents the accumulation of Alsebeom which hampers form healthy follicles, thereby hindering its growth.
  • Easily controlled process, it may be the main reason for the lack of drying important nutrients, can be treated by this drought Bmacaih rubbed ample of it, he restores his vitality, activity, and thus ease the process Tmsheeth.

Benefits of Castor Oil Hair

  • It strengthens the hair and nourished, it contains a high percentage of vitamin E.
  • Ardoba and gives him a special shine, it contains fatty acids, such as: (omega-9) which stores water in the follicle.
  • Protected and scalp from harmful external factors, such as: exposure to sunlight, and excessive use of the dryer, and cosmetics that contain a lot of harmful chemicals.
  • Protect it from embrittlement, and the break-up, in particular the regions of the Parties, also addresses the problems leading to hair loss.
  • Give him the intensity and length, especially if the regularity and to constantly massage the scalp.
  • Athdhir scalp, and cleans all impurities and dirt that prevent hair growth in a healthy way.
  • It is a natural anti-bacterial and fungi, as it contains Risenaulak acid.

Recipes olive oil, castor oil for hair care

  • Olive oil, castor oil, ginger oil, to soften and moisturizing hair:

Heats equal amounts of the three oils, hair and massage the mixture is left for a whole night, then wash in the morning using shampoo as usual, and repeat this recipe twice a week.

  • Olive oil and egg whites to lengthen and intensify hair:

Mix egg white with a teaspoon of olive oil, a little honey, and put the mixture on the hair for a period not less than twenty minutes, then rinse with water and shampoo, Takerralusvh once a week.

  • Castor oil and chamomile Healthy Hair:

Soak a tablespoon of chamomile, and a teaspoon of green tea, and a tablespoon of nettle in the amount of hot water, leaving the ingredients for half an hour almost, and then add a tablespoon of castor oil, a few drops of vitamin (j), and mix the ingredients well, then the mixture is applied to the root of the hair, leaving almost half an hour.


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