The benefits of napping

The benefits of napping

Napping a good friend memory

Modern science emphasized the benefits of napping in increasing the productivity of the individual and improve its ability to pursue its activity daily, and it is known that napping is a period of sleep for at least ten minutes and not more than forty minutes A man and his muscles, and re-charging abilities to think and focus, and increase productivity and enthusiasm to work

Studies confirmed that napping during the day for a period not Taatjaosalarbaan minutes does not affect sleep at night, but in case stretched over it, it will be a causal factor for insomnia and lack of sleep

According to the study, which was conducted under the supervision of the Spanish researcher "Dr. Escalante" The Siesta enhances memory and concentration, and give way to new cycles of brain activity in more comfortable style The researchers also stressed the lack of prolongation in Siesta, because excessive comfort may affect the normal sleep pattern noted Dr. "Escalante" that Western countries began to include napping in their systems daily


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