The benefits of live Lengthening hair oil

The benefits of live Lengthening hair oil


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Live oil

Has hair with great interest in both sexes, whether male or female, so what gives it a nice appearance and attractive person's health hair reflects the whole body health, so the methods of interest in poetry continues to get healthy and fine and long hair growing, and here can be seen as oil live of the most important types of oils used in the treatment of various hair problems, such as: embrittlement and precipitation, itching, dandruff, low density, and wrinkles, it moisturizes the hair and protect it from drought. Many believe that it is obtained from the skin of the snake because of the named oil live, but this belief is wrong, what is only a combination of a variety of natural oils rates specific, such as coconut oil, juniper, these oils are the essential ingredient in natural recipes used to solve problems hair. [1]

The benefits of live hair oil

Living Benefits of hair oil, including: [2]

  • Live oil is known for its benefits great hair, as it plays an important role in preventing hair loss and increase the density by strengthening Besellath and fed different elements.
  • Blessed with dry hair and increases its length.
  • Handles drying, with over moistened and fed effectively.
  • Parties protects hair from breakage and break-up.
  • Some greasy hair problems treated as works on drying and increase its strength and protection.
  • Nourishes the hair follicles, which reduces the chance of baldness.
  • It promotes the production of collagen, which protects hair from damage to the sun's harmful rays.
  • Ishnt blood circulation in the scalp, and protects it from various infections.

How to use live oil to lengthen hair

Methods of use of live oil Hair extension: [3]

  • It can be used to live alone by putting oil on wet hair after being washed shortly, where it is rubbed on the scalp, and then on the hair from the roots to the parties, leaving about an hour, and then well be washed with lukewarm water. The recipe must be repeated three to four times a week, until you notice the difference and show the desired result.
  • Can live oil is used after mixing with other oils include: sesame oil, aloe vera, olive oil and mustard oil; So by mixing equal of all previous oils amount and heated a little, then the mixture is placed on the wet hair and leave it all day or for several hours, preferably hair is covered during this period, and then wash the hair with warm water well, preferably apply this recipe twice to three times a week, in order to better results, which could appear after a period of one month from the start of use.


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