The benefits of eating apples on an empty stomach

The benefits of eating apples on an empty stomach


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It is the apple of the most famous fruit known in the world, and has a lot of species, and origins in the middle of the continent of Asia, it has been used in many ways since antiquity; Where he used Masora, and fresh, blow-dry. Apple is one of the richest fruit fiber, it contains a large amount of pectin (in English: Pectin), one of the fibers that feed on them beneficial bacteria in the gut, and helps to improve the metabolic and digestive processes. Apple also contains many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, such as vitamin C, vitamin K and potassium. One of the studies that have been conducted on animals have shown that the bone density of animals increased when taking antioxidants found in apples. [1] [2]

It should be noted that Apple has been classified previously to be one of the richest dozen varieties food varieties that contain antioxidants, and to achieve greater use of apple, it is preferably complete eating fruit Bakecrha, instead of drinking the juice, which reduces the amount of fiber in apple. [3]

The benefits of eating apples on an empty stomach

Spread some misconceptions about the benefits of eating apples and other fruits on an empty stomach. In fact, there are no studies show that eating fruits - including apples - on an empty stomach is considered healthy, there is no evidence that ingested on an empty stomach has any positive effect in prolonging life or contribute to the treatment of black eyes under dark circles, or it helps to get rid of the fatigue and exhaustion. On the contrary, it is preferred to have diabetic fruit with food, or with light meals, as it is not advisable to eat apples - fruits in general - on an empty stomach, as this leads to the process of accelerating the absorption of sugar found in fruit, and therefore the high level blood sugar faster. [4]

Eating apples with food

Some people believe that eating apples with meals slows down the digestion process, and causes the survival of food for longer in the stomach, leading to putrefaction or Tkhmrh, and thus the gases, and the feeling of discomfort in the abdominal area, but scientific research has proved the opposite, fibers are found in apple does not slow down the digestion process to the extent that allows the food to ferment in the stomach, and that the degree of acidity of the stomach is too high does not allow the growth of microbes or bacteria. One study found that the fiber slows the time required to unload half of the contents of the stomach, where increased this time to be 86 minutes instead of 72 minutes, and that in turn helps the feeling of fullness and fullness for a longer period, which leads to eating less food, and thus the consumption of calories less in the long run. [4]

Nutritional value

In addition to the delicious taste enjoyed by apple, it is characterized by a lack of content as well as calories, as a medium-sized apple contains 95 calories; It is a water ratio of 86% of it, the following is an explanation of the most important nutrients in 100 g of fresh apple is peeled: [2]

apples benefits

To eat apples a lot of health benefits, including: [2]

  • Reduce the risk of diabetes: There is some evidence that eating apples reduces the risk of type II diabetes, where it is believed that the fiber found in apples help to slow the absorption of sugar in the blood, which contributes to stimulate the secretion of insulin moderate amounts. I found a study of 38.018 women who ate an apple a day or more, the risk of developing type II diabetes, say to have increased by 28% compared with women who did not eat apples. [3] [2]
  • Reduce the risk of cancer: showed several tubular studies that some plant compounds found in apples, you can possess anti-cancer properties, as indicated studies have been conducted on animals that antioxidants can, nutrients plant (in English: Phytonutrients) prevention of colon cancer, and lung, another study found that people who consumed one apple a day I said the proportion of infected colon cancer by 20%, and say, as well as their exposure to the risk of breast cancer by 18%.
  • Maintain a healthy heart: One study conducted on mice showed that apples can reduce total cholesterol levels, and may lead to a drastic reduction in the deposits of plaque (in English: Plaque) inside the arteries, where these deposits fell by 48%. In another study conducted in Finland found that the risk of death from heart disease was lower by 43% in women, and less than 19% in men, when those who ate more than 54 grams of apples per day, this means that Apple is very useful in the prevention of the occurrence of heart attacks, and maintain a healthy heart and blood vessels.
  • Weight Loss: Apple has a large amount of plant fiber, how it provides the body with a small amount of calories, and this is recommended added to the diets for reducing weight, as it helps to lose weight and reduce calorie consumption, as one study showed that women who It ate 300 grams of apple, or 1.5 large apple a day for 12 weeks, lost about 1.3 kg of their weight.
  • Other benefits for Apple: reduce the risk of strokes, asthma, and the occurrence of skin wrinkles, as well as to improve mood and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease (in English: Alzheimer's disease). [1] [3]

A quick way to get rid of apple seeds Video

Usually we remove the apple seeds with a knife, what about creating a new tool manually at home to remove seeds more quickly.


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