The benefits of boiled chamomile

The benefits of boiled chamomile


  • 1 Chamomile
  • 2 benefits of chamomile tea 2.1 Benefits Chamomile according to the degree of efficiency 2.1.1 The probability of effectiveness (Possibly Effective) 2.1.2 There is insufficient evidence of effectiveness (Insufficient Evidence) 2.2 Benefits Chamomile holder 2.3 Studies on the benefits of chamomile tea
  • 2.1 Benefits Chamomile according to the degree of efficiency 2.1.1 The probability of effectiveness (Possibly Effective) 2.1.2 There is insufficient evidence of effectiveness (Insufficient Evidence)
  • 2.1.1 The probability of effectiveness (Possibly Effective)
  • 2.1.2 There is insufficient evidence of effectiveness (Insufficient Evidence)
  • 2.2 Benefits Chamomile holder
  • 2.3 Studies on the benefits of chamomile tea
  • 3 nutritional value of boiled chamomile
  • 4 Chamomile damage 4.1 Chamomile safety degree 4.2 Warning Use Chamomile
  • 4.1 Chamomile safety degree
  • 4.2 Warning Use Chamomile
  • 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Chamomile 5.1 Is Chamomile useful slimming 5.2 Is Chamomile useful for cough
  • 5.1 Is Chamomile useful slimming
  • 5.2 Is Chamomile useful for cough
  • 6 video about the benefits of boiled chamomile
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Chamomile (scientific name: Matricaria chamomilla) is one of the types of annuals plants that belong to the species astrocytes (in English: Asteraceae), usually found in the gardens between the rocks and herbs, and is characterized by the scent of aromatic gentle, and the legs straight filled with branches and leaves like a feather, and flowers identical with yellow and white heads, [1] and is available in several forms of chamomile; Including chamomile tea, capsules, liquid extracts of chamomile, and pigments. [2] There are two types of plant chamomile, namely: Roman chamomile; Which is used in certain countries Kangeltra, the German chamomile; Which is the most prevalent type around the world and the most widely used for medical purposes, and most of the scientific research that studied the benefits of Chamomile conducted upon which will explain in this article. [3]

Benefits of chamomile tea

Benefits of Chamomile by the degree of efficiency

  • Relieve anxiety: Many have pointed out scientific research into the benefits of Chamomile mitigation anxiety, [2] where according to a study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania and published in 2009 to extract Chamomile daily consumption for eight weeks can have a simple effect of relieving anxiety of the 61 people injured disorder, generalized anxiety mild to moderate, which is one of the most common mental disorders, but there is a need for more studies on the effect of chamomile relieve anxiety in humans. [4] [3]
  • Reduce colic: Some research has shown that one of the products containing German chamomile reduces crying in infants who rely on breast-feeding and suffering from colic, and when taken to him twice a day for one week, also showed other research that drinking herbal tea containing German chamomile and components other three times a day after each injury colic for 7 days can help to relieve colic in some infants significantly, but it is worth noting that it does not reduce the number of times waking babies during the night. [7]
  • Relieve heartburn: can possess chamomile tea generally influence soothing in the digestive system, [8] as scientific research he indicated that eating certain products containing German chamomile and other ingredients improves the symptoms of heartburn. [9] Some research found that products containing on a specific herbal group include chamomile may be helpful in alleviating the disorder and the degree of acidity of the stomach, [10] such as a review of a series of studies published in Molecular Medicine Reports magazine in 2010 showed the effect of a product containing flower extracts of chamomile and other ingredients, it has reduced the acidity of the stomach including excessive acidity of the second degree (in English: secondary hyperacidity). [11]
  • Reduce Diarrhea indicated a systematic review published in the Electronic Physician magazine in 2016 was conducted on 69 study that chamomile has the characteristics of reducing diarrhea, and the results of one study and which was conducted on mice showed that chamomile extract has properties reduce diarrhea and oxidative stress, as the results of another study of the combination showed herbal component of chamomile extract and other components of the body's ability to carry it and the safety of its use as well as its positive effect in reducing diarrhea for patients with severe diarrhea. [12]
  • Reduce colds: Despite what is commonly the promotion of drinking chamomile tea as a strategy to reduce colds, or soothe a sore throat, but this interest is still uncertain, and there is no scientific evidence to establish it, according to what I said a review published in Molecular Medicine Reports magazine in 2010. [ 13] [11]
  • Reduce Insomnia: In spite of the famous chamomile as the herb helps to sleep, but the strong scientific research that supports this low interest rates, according to a small study in the review, published in Molecular Medicine Reports magazine in 2010 that 12 consumption is infected with heart disease undergoing surgery for catheter heart of chamomile tea to raise the speed of the ability to deep than 10 people before, in addition to sleep to slightly reduce the high pressure level of the brachial artery. [11] the laboratory study indicated from Okayama University in Japan and published in 2005, and conducted on mice that chamomile extract can increases the ability to sleep infected rodents sleep disorders, so as to possess a similar effect of benzodiazepines (in English: Benzodiazepine), [14] which is a type of drugs that can reduce anxiety levels and enhance the ability to sleep. [15]
  • Reduce some of the symptoms associated with attention deficit and hyperactivity: (English: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is an herbal tea containing chamomile and other components of the safe options for children and adults to promote a sense of relaxation, often it advised its consumption before bedtime as a way to feel comfortable and sleep better. [17 ]
  • Relieve pain associated menstrual cycle: it has reported several studies that chamomile tea consumption is linked to reducing the severity of convulsions associated with the monthly cycle, [15] where I found a study of the Islamic Azad University in 2010 was conducted on 80 students that drinking two cups of chamomile tea a day a week before the session monthly during the first five days of which 3 months can relieve the pain caused by dysmenorrhea, psychological and social problems associated with such pain. [18]
  • Relieve stomach disorders: where common many of the allegations is proven that drinking chamomile tea calms the stomach, relieves some strikes digestive, but scientific studies that support this interest are few and limited, and there is still a need for studies on humans to confirm the role of chamomile in the process of digestion, [13] where he found a preliminary study was conducted on rats at Mansoura University in Egypt, and published in 2014 to give to the solution of aqueous camomile cause flatulence, while others have found the results of a precedent that chamomile may reduce the risk of ulcers digestive or raise the dilution rate of them by reducing the secretion succulents Aledmih pH. [19]
  • Other benefits there is not sufficient evidence to prove: They are as follows: [7] fibromyalgia (in English: Fibromyalgia). Hay (in English: Hay fever) fever. Motion sickness or the so-called disease travel (in English: Travel sickness).
  • Fibromyalgia (in English: Fibromyalgia).
  • Hay (in English: Hay fever) fever.
  • Motion sickness or the so-called disease travel (in English: Travel sickness).

Benefits of chamomile for pregnant

Despite the sedative properties owned by chamomile, but doctors advise pregnant women to use it cautiously, for lack of sufficient studies confirm the safety of its use during pregnancy, and are advised to consult a doctor before drinking to make sure that safety. [20]

Studies on the benefits of chamomile tea

  • Study the list indicated on the note published in the European Journal of Public Health Journal in 2015 and was conducted on 537 people suffered in advance some of the incidence of thyroid cancer, and infected some tumor thyroid benign, and others who do not suffer from any health problems, but noted that people who drank chamomile tea at a rate of two to six times a week were less likely to repeat the incidence of thyroid cancer, or the development of benign tumor of the thyroid gland by 80% compared to non-drinking, [21] these can be considered promising results and still there is a need for more high-quality scientific research conducted on humans on the role of chamomile tea in reducing the risk of cancer. [13]
  • He indicated a review of the results conducted by Tufts University in the US in 2006 on a series of studies that chamomile has the characteristics of reducing inflammation and microbes, but human studies on this benefit is limited, [22] and can have the effect of chamomile relieve inflammation useful for those who suffer from reflux gastric reflux, a disorder turns the stomach acid into the esophagus, which leads to the occurrence of painful infections in it, [23] has indicated a review published in 2010 in Molecular Medicine Reports magazine to extract a product which contains chamomile and other ingredients may reduce the acidity of the stomach, [11] Since chamomile was not the only herb in this product used in the study, there is a need for further studies to determine the effect of chamomile alone. [23]
  • A study published in Der pharma chemica magazine in 2015 indicated a significant decrease symptoms of IBS, including bloating syndrome, abdominal pain, difficulty defecating, and others, after eating Chamomile four weeks before the 45 people infected with the duration of this syndrome, as this a few influence continued weeks after you stop taking chamomile, but it is worth noting the need to consult a doctor before adding chamomile tea to the diet for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, as it is not one of the few drinks their content from Alfodmap (in English: FODMAP) or carbohydrates that are difficult to be absorbed in the intestine minute. [13] [24] [25]
  • According to a study conducted by the University of Tabriz in 2015 that chamomile tea has some effects useful in the levels of sugar and fat in the blood at 64 have diabetes type II, it was observed that those who consumed chamomile tea at a concentration of 3 grams per 150 milliliters of hot water at a rate of three times a day after meals directly during the eight-week cumulative sugar levels decreased, insulin, total and LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and to have blood compared to non-consumption. [26]

The nutritional value of boiled chamomile

The following table shows the content of 100 grams of boiled chamomile of food: [28]

Damage Chamomile

Chamomile safety degree

The German chamomile is mostly safe when consumed in amounts found in food, and possibly his safety when consumed in quantities of pharmaceutical oral, but the safety of the use of chamomile in the long term is not yet known, [7]

Warning use Chamomile

The following points show some caveats use German Chamomile:

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women: There are no adequate and reliable information about the safety of the German Chamomile consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and so it is advisable to avoid the consumption during this period before them. [29]
  • Children: where potentially safe consumption Chamomile for children and adolescents in the short term, some preliminary research has shown that many of the products containing German chamomile are safe for infants when consumed by mouth for up to one week. [29]
  • People with sensitive plant species astrocytes: Kshabh Alrgid, chrysanthemums, and velvet, and other herbs, may cause consumption of the German reaction to the response of a camomile allergic to them. [9]
  • People with sensitive cases of hormones: can have the effect of German chamomile is similar to the effect of the hormone estrogen in the body, which is not recommended its consumption for people with any health condition can be aggravated by exposure to this hormone, such as cancers of the breast, uterus, ovary, and the lining of the uterus, Alorwam uterine fibroids. [9]
  • Surgical operations: German can interfere with the anesthesia process necessary camomile surgical procedure, and therefore is not recommended for two weeks before its consumption date Jerhh decision. [9]

Frequently Asked Questions about Chamomile

Is Chamomile useful slimming

Some people think that drinking chamomile may help weight loss, but there are no studies to substantiate that.

Is Chamomile useful for cough

Believes that chamomile may contribute to wetting the throat, which reduces pain and hoarseness, and that it is possible for its anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and irritation in the throat, in addition to its antioxidant properties, which can contribute to the repair of damaged tissue in the throat, but the studies could not prove it, in a study published in the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand in 2004, which examined the effect of chamomile in reducing the throat that occurs after anesthesia pain found that it did not affect it. [30]

Video about the benefits of boiled chamomile


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