The benefits of apple vinegar slimming

The benefits of apple vinegar slimming


  • 1 fat burning
  • 2 increase the feeling of fullness
  • 3 Reduce the desire sweets
  • 4 How to use apple cider vinegar
  • 5 References

Burn fat

According to eat apple cider vinegar in Slenderizing through his work on reducing the proportion of fat in the body through several strategies, and can therefore be addressed as follows: [1]

  • Apple cider vinegar works to reduce the levels of the hormone insulin and thus increase hormone Alglujakon, and thus will increase the burning of fat.
  • Apple cider vinegar works to increase the level of enzyme (AMPK), which in turn is useful in the process of burning fat, in addition to his testimony in reducing the production of sugar and fat in the liver.
  • Apple cider vinegar benefit from increasing the work of the genes responsible for reducing the storage of fat in the abdominal area, and the stock of fat in the liver.

Increase the feeling of fullness

Helps eating apple cider vinegar with meals, especially with carbohydrate composition to slow discharge the stomach, resulting in the length of the stay of food in it and to maintain the individual's sense of fullness, as mentioned that, according to one study, the use of vinegar in this way had worked to reduce individual consumption calories for the rest of the day an average of 200-275 calories. [1]

Reduce desire sweets

Contributes to drinking a glass of mixed water with a small amount of vinegar to reduce the desire of a person to eat sugary foods, has been one of this research showed the result has been the console reason why apple cider vinegar works to lower blood sugar levels after eating meals, which could lead to restrain the desire eating sweets or lower levels. [2]

How to use apple cider vinegar

Eating apple cider vinegar through use it as a component of Tngkeh food and the preparation of mixtures of different dishes, such as meat, for example, given the health to use the roads it is added to a healthy oil such as olive oil and use as a combination spicing Authority is one of the easiest health and most, and if you want to apply this method, the addition of a spoon or two of it meets the purpose and ensure that reap the benefits. [3]


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