Terms of post-cupping

Terms of post-cupping


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Known as cupping (in English: Cupping) as a type of alternative medicine, which originated in China, and the principle of its work on the cups upside down on the skin Witold pressure that area to suction, has been shown to Hjamp many benefits as it works to increase blood flow, relieve tension muscular and promote the repair of cells, also contribute to cupping in the creation of new blood vessels and tissues of new connective, many Chinese believe that the cupping help to create a balance between the negative energy and positive energy within the body, and this in turn can help the body to resist pathogens and reduce the pain. [1 ]

Terms of post-cupping

  • Taking a rest: the person comfortable fully advised, and avoid body stress and do heavy work after cupping, because cupping increases the metabolic processes to get rid of toxins in the body, the person result suffers from nausea, headache, and symptoms are similar to flu symptoms.
  • Cover the area of ​​treatment: It is recommended to cover the area that has been treated, preferably the body stays warm for 48 hours after the cupping session; This is because the process of cupping is working on the release of heat from the body.
  • Avoid certain foods and drinks and a lot of drinking water: It is recommended to stay away from drinking caffeine, and foods and beverages containing sugar, dairy products and processed meats, as you should avoid drinking alcohol; This is because alcohol increases the dehydration of the body and this goes against the goal of cupping.
  • Avoid showering after cupping: Due to the sensitivity of the skin that has been treated with cupping, open pores, they are more prone to infection.
  • Stay away from the sun's rays and water and avoid friction: and it is necessary to keep the treated area, and when you need to clean up the area can be used as a piece sponge clean and moist; To clear the place to be cleaned gently.
  • Lack of exercise aerobic exercise: to protect the skin from pathogens that may result from open pores, and the exercise increases the friction clothing body, and increase, causing the need for sweating shower, as sport is working to increase pumping blood to the muscles, it also increases stress the body, and all male lead to prolonging the recovery period.
  • Avoid extreme changes in temperature: because these changes lead to muscle spasm and tighten after Astrechaiha, so it is advisable to avoid the sauna and steam rooms, and are advised not to use ice on the skin for up to 48 hours after the hearing.
  • The application of an ointment containing antibiotic therapy session ends after the specialist therapist cupping usually apply an ointment containing an antibiotic suitable for the region that has been treated with cupping, and then covered by a bandage to reduce the risk of exposure to infection. [1]

Types of cupping

There are different from cupping types and types: dry cupping, cupping wet, as it is through both types of cupping, the competent therapist develop viable material for flammable, such as: alcohol, or herbs, or paper in the cup, and then set fire to it, and when extinguished fire is placed inverted cup on the area to be cupping her, and lead cold air inside the cup to generate pressure pushes the skin up, causing redness due to the expansion of blood vessels, and then leaves the cup for up to three minutes, usually used trophies made of silicon, which had the advantage of running down skin easily, making it easier for massage process, it is worth mentioning that recently used rubber pump to create pressure inside the cup instead of igniting it on fire, and the distinction lies between the two types of cupping that in wet cupping is removed, the cup after three minutes, then the processor work a small wound on the skin using a small scalpel, and then placed the cup again to pull a small amount of blood. [5]

Benefits of cupping

In fact, there is not enough scientific evidence to prove the health benefits of cupping and therapeutic efficacy promoted by workers in this area, there is still this need for further studies and research to support it, [6] as many workers in the field of cupping says that they have a variety of therapeutic benefits, such as removing toxins from the body with ease sclerotic and tight muscles pain, relieve joint pain, and pain relief, and help to rest and relax, and strengthen the immune system, as well as to contribute to the treatment of many diseases and health problems, which we will remember them as follows: [7] [8]

  • Rheumatic diseases, such as muscular pain fibrillation (in English: Fibromyalgia), and arthritis (in English: Arthritis).
  • Blood, such as hemophilia (in English: Hemophilia disease) and anemia (in English: Anemia).
  • Skin diseases, such as acne, eczema, urticaria (in English: Urticaria).
  • Infertility problems and delayed childbearing.
  • Women's problems, such as: Walther White (English: Leukorrhea) and irregular menstruation.
  • Psychological problems, such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • Varicose veins.
  • Respiratory system diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, allergies, colds, coughs.
  • Various pain, such as toothache, back pain, especially headaches and migraine headaches.
  • Cellulite, wrinkles, reduced skin vitality, and many other skin problems.
  • Digestive system disorders, such as diarrhea and inflammation of the stomach (in English: Gastritis).
  • Fever caused by infection.
  • Herpes (infection in English: Herpes).
  • Chronic diseases, and these diseases can have Hjamp role in control: high blood pressure, diabetes, and gout (in English: Gout).

Side effects Hjamp

The side effects that are likely to occur as follows: [9]

  • The sensation of pain.
  • Incidence of swelling, burns and scars.
  • Feeling dizzy and nausea and may lead to fainting.
  • Increased sweating.
  • Pigmentation of the skin and leaving a circular colored purple bruises, usually begin to fade after several days, and may remain for two to three weeks.
  • Infection, loss of blood, and it usually happens with wet cupping type.


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