Terms of cupping

Terms of cupping


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The cupping therapy (in English: Cupping Therapy) is one of the alternative medicine methods, requires special glasses to put on a person's skin therapist for a few minutes, so are these cups to cause suction force on the skin, has popularized the use of cupping for the purpose of easing some cases health problems; Such as pain, swelling, and muscle contract, infections, as well as for use in helping individuals to relax and keep your body healthy condition, it is also considered one of the types of massage and deep massage. [1] [2]

Terms of cupping

Like other methods of alternative medicine treatment does not obviate the cupping for medical treatment, and the benefits of cupping has not been confirmed yet by any scientific evidence conclusive, and therefore must see a doctor and consulted before undergoing the treatment of cupping, remember that cupping can be useful as a treatment assistant for some cases, health and certainly will not substitute for the established medical methods of treatment, it should be noted that, although considered cupping a relatively safe procedure, but it is not advisable to have made for all cases, as the absolute, which is found in some individuals and therapists, and the conditions and caveats cupping relating to certain categories Donna others, which must taken into consideration when there is the intention of the person-tested, the following: [3]

  • Children: Children under the age of four years should not be subject to the procedures of cupping therapy at all, but can cupping older children only, provided that the duration of short cupping therapy.
  • Adults age: In fact, the skin becomes weaker and capable of greater damage as the individual progress of age; Therefore, caution should be exercised when cupping for the elderly or even stay away from them, and that older may consume a large number of medications, and follow many therapeutic methods, which may affect themselves in their bodies, which requires very careful that the cupping to worsen their condition when conducting .
  • Pregnant: Where should pregnant women avoid cupping therapy in the abdominal area and lower back. Women
  • People taking certain types of drugs: Never is recommended that any person to undergo treatment in the case of undergoing cupping therapy drugs are in effect on blood dilute.
  • Other conditions: It is not recommended to use cupping therapy in some cases, such as: the existence of a defect in the internal organs, and women during the menstrual period, as advised to avoid cupping therapy in the areas of the body infected with sunburn, or wounds, or ulcers.

Types of cupping and methods of conducting

With the continuous progress in age; The situation of the human body begins to decline and the negative retreat, including the reduction in blood flow rate, cases of muscle loss, and can be used cupping to help the treatment of these treatment cases and mitigation, [4] In addition to the previously mentioned materials are cups cupping including manufacturing, there are types of cups cupping that can be made of plastic, or iron, or pottery, and in total there are three main treatment of cupping types: cupping dry, cupping aerobic, cupping wet, the following is a simplified explanation of each method: [5]

  • Cupping dry: in the case of cupping therapy dry the cupping service provider soak cotton ball in alcohol, and then lit, and put them inside a glass cupping for oxygen output located inside it, and then puts the cup above the body of the individual; As to the process of removing the oxygen that lead to the formation of a vacuum absorbent, which helps the adhesion of the cup skin of the individual, the wizard and proceed to leave the cups on the skin of the individual for several minutes, and the processor can put cups several on the skin at the same time depending on the situation that is processed.
  • Cupping aerobic: In the case of cupping aerobic, the wizard put cups cupping on the skin of the individual, and uses a tool for air output from the cup, thus forming a vacuum absorber or Ahaaft that connects the cup body, and the therapist to leave cups on the patient's skin for several minutes, and can be in this mode of operation several cups on the skin at the same time, depending on the case being processed.
  • Wet cupping: In the case of the processor used cupping wet, it will start making a small hole in the skin of the individual; In order to take out a small amount of blood, and then puts the cup cupping on the body of an individual processor, the goal of the skin hole is to allow the toxins inside his body out of it, and in this case also the processor to leave the cups on the skin of the individual for several minutes.
  • Other types of cupping: [6] Medical cupping; Where the processor bamboo cups to boil after putting them in herbal infusion materials and medical Glehma together. Pharmaceutical cupping; It is accompanied by the use of cupping cream or medicine Marhama. Animated cupping. Cupping burn dried plants (in English: Moxibustion).
  • Medical cupping; Where the processor bamboo cups to boil after putting them in herbal infusion materials and medical Glehma together.
  • Pharmaceutical cupping; It is accompanied by the use of cupping cream or medicine Marhama.
  • Animated cupping.
  • Cupping burn dried plants (in English: Moxibustion).

Benefits of cupping

Praises cupping service providers and their benefits areas of multiple use despite the lack of scientific evidence is confirmed, as mentioned above, the following mention of the uses of cupping out of date, and uses that still works to this day: [7]

  • Improve the overall health of the individual: and by removing what he calls Therapists energy barriers which they believe to prevent the flow of energy within the body.
  • Improve and increase the rate of blood flow in general: as well as to improve and increase the rate of blood to certain members of the muscles and the flow of interest to athletes, and also help to ease their pain; Since many athletes use special cupping in the Olympics.
  • To help treat some diseases of the lung: such as: cough, asthma (in English: Asthma), and narrowing of the airways.
  • Other benefits: as some used cupping Massada other treatment of some cases, such as paralysis (in English: Paralysis), and diseases of the digestive system, and acne (in English: Acne), and the problems of depression, stress and insomnia (in English: Insomnia), and high blood pressure. Anemia, diabetes, and gout (in English: Gout), and arthritis (in English: Arthritis).

Possible side effects of Hjamp

The side effects that may leave cupping when used in the treatment or prevention: [8]

  • the pain.
  • Swelling or bloating.
  • Burns.
  • Dizziness.
  • Sweating.
  • Skin pigmentation.
  • Nausea.


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