Teen benefits for pregnant

Teen benefits for pregnant


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Is considered figs summer fruits that are characterized Btamha sweet, good and smell that enjoyed by people for centuries all over the world, and covers figs outer shell containing gel and the amount high of Albdhuralkablh to eat, and is a fig one fruit succulent (English: Succulent), and because of its origin to the region located between Turkey to the north of India, as it has spread dramatically in the Mediterranean Searalowhit, arrived and dried them fruit of the United States Amartikih in 1759, where the trees were planted in California, but now Turkey, Spain, Greece, the United States of America is one of the most important countries producing Tin. [1] [2]

It should be noted that although the fig is one of the types of fruit, but it is a flower closed, the only fruit that ripen on the tree, and is available figs fresh in the period between 7 months and 9 months, so unlike the dried figs, which is available at all times of the year, also used the fruits of figs in China to prepare the soup when the disease, while offering the winners of the ancient Olympic Games in Greece an estimate for them, and store the fruits of fresh figs in the refrigerator for between five to seven days, can be saved as the fruits of frozen figs for up to six months after washing it and putting it in plastic bags. [1] [2]

Teen benefits for pregnant

There is the Tin special benefits for pregnant but contains benefits for different groups in order to contain the important nutrients; Such as fiber, potassium, calcium, antioxidants, and Hzd benefits as follows: [3] [4] [5]

  • Help with diabetes control: the study showed that effective in reducing the fig leaf of blood sugar levels, in addition to the American Diabetes Association (English: American Diabetes Association) recommended eating the fruits of figs, because it contains a high amount of fiber, which can contribute to control sugar levels in diabetic patients, as well as to fit on the potassium contributes to regulating the absorption of sugar after eating a hearty meal.
  • Reduce cholesterol: the figs contain pectin, which follows the soluble fibers that cause to get rid of excess cholesterol in the body and put it out.
  • Heart Health: Where is figs rich in phenol (in English: Phenol) and fatty acid omega -6 (English: Omega-6 fatty acid) which promotes heart health, and can reduce the risk of developing coronary artery (in English: Coronary heart disease).
  • Anti-impotence: where figs contributes to the reduction of ED; It found that soak Hptin to three grains of figs in milk whole night and drink and eat in the morning enhances sexual power as it helps weight gain.
  • Maintain healthy hair: as many types of shampoo and conditioner containing figs believed to promote hair growth, moisture, and strength, and despite the lack of abundance studies on the subject, but there is some evidence showing that vitamins and minerals available in it useful for hair, has one study indicated that women who suffer from hair loss during menopause that there are many food items that are available in figs contribute to maintaining the health of the hair, including selenium, zinc, magnesium, vitamin c, b vitamins, copper, and calcium.
  • Maintain healthy skin: where the use of figs as a treatment popular for various skin problems, such as psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, but it is worth noting that there is no critical studies to confirm this, and we can say that the latex (in English: Latex) located in the fig trees may cause the disposal of warts, but their effectiveness is less compared to treatment cryotherapy (in English: cryotherapy), as they do not cause any symptoms side, it is worth mentioning that it can be used figs to make a nourishing face mask for being rich in antioxidants, but it is worth noting the need to avoid the use of this mask in case the person suffering from a latex allergy.
  • Rich in nutrients: such as vitamin K, which plays an important role in blood clotting (in English: Coagulation), and potassium and calcium which promise important for the performance of muscular functions, as well as magnesium, which helps regulate blood pressure, and stimulates more than 300 enzymatic reaction, and is a source well for a number of compounds that possess anti-diabetes, cancer, bacteria and their effect anti-oxidant properties, including: alkaloids, three Alterpinoad, vitamin c and flavonoids that are considered partial group tracking polyphenols. [6]

The nutritional value of Tin

100 grams of figs contains 74 calories and other nutrients, including the following: [7]

The recommended amount of fruit out during pregnancy

Pregnant women are advised to focus on eating fruits with orange color, purple, red, yellow and dark, as is the best option to eat fresh fruit, its image, and pregnant women eat two servings of fruit per day; Where he met one of the fruits share one of these options: [8]

  • One cup of fresh fruit.
  • Half a cup of dried fruit.
  • One cup of frozen fruit.
  • Whole grain fruit, such as: an orange one large or medium grain of pears or grapefruit, or two tablespoons of plum, apple or half a large, or a banana large or two small bananas.


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