Teen Benefits for diabetics

Teen Benefits for diabetics


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The fruit figs (in English: Fig), which holds scientific Ficus carica name of seasonal fruits appetite, which is commonly found in countries with a climate of tropical and subtropical, and despite the fact that the fig fruit seasonal, but it can be dried to get dried figs available throughout year, and it occupies fruit figs especially arranged for being with high commercial value, an old remedy traditional for many health problems 1 have been used, [] the World Health Organization pointed out (in English: World Health Organization) that can be used as traditional plants to help alleviate diabetes, and these plants; Fig leaf, where eating helps to reduce glucose in the body, as well as maintaining the health of the liver, but there is still a need to conduct more research and studies to prove it. [2]

Are figs useful for diabetics

Fruit possesses figs many of the benefits of their own, in addition to that this leaves the tree also have benefits, which they may contribute to alleviating the symptoms of diabetes, as pointed out one of the studies carried out on mice, published in Chemico-Biological Interactions magazine in 2016 that fig leaves contain compounds that act as antioxidants, it also contains a compound called Ficusin, which may help improve insulin sensitivity in fat tissue the body in people with type II diabetes, [3] as one of the other studies also mice and published in the show Acta Diabetol magazine in 2003 that extract figs may contribute to alleviating the symptoms of diabetes by adjusting fatty acid levels, vitamin e in the body, [4] [5] It is worth mentioning that eating figs may contribute to reducing the proportion of sugar in the blood in patients with diabetes; So it is advisable to monitor blood sugar levels with caution when eating figs. [6]

For the general benefits Tin can read an article What are the benefits of figs.

Figs damage to diabetic patients

Eating fruit and fresh figs, or dried often safe for most people when consumed in moderate amounts; But as mentioned earlier it may lead to lower levels of diabetes in the blood in patients with diabetes; Therefore, they are advised to monitor blood sugar levels carefully when ingested. [6]

Fruit suitable for diabetics

It is well known among the people that people with diabetes should avoid eating many of the specific foods to be considered very sweet, as some types of fruits contain sugar higher rates than others, but this common belief is wrong, and should refrain diabetes patients taking these foods, it is worth mentioning that the amount of carbohydrates in the food affect blood sugar levels greater than the quality of sugar whether it comes from carbohydrates, or sugars, where diabetics can eat all kinds of fruit, but determine the quantity intake of them by specifying the quota including food; As the one serving of fruit contains 15 grams of carbohydrates varies serving size of fruit and other fruit depending on the content of carbohydrates, [7] Examples of suitable fruits for diabetics: [8]

  • Apples.
  • Wild grapes.
  • the strawberry.
  • Peach.
  • Apricots.
  • Orange.

For more information about the appropriate benefits for diabetic patients can read an article flying fruit sugar.


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