Talk about trust

Talk about trust


Is that man be sure of a particular order or be sure sense to someone Viattiyh space of freedom to act, and can be self if the human being Moukna of his abilities Almtadddh, definition of confidence in a multi-can not be confined, but we are here to put some of what was said trust in others, I hope to contain interest.

Talk about trust

  • Courage means of fear and confidence.
  • Happy people always think they are right.
  • How much self Nhad confident it ... prevailed in him and he Essam Rip.
  • The confident himself leads others.
  • Self-esteem and optimism well Maadian, oh yes to infection confidence.
  • If you trust yourself, you will inspire others confidence.
  • If you trust yourself when you doubt everyone .. If received victory also receives defeat alike !!
  • Achievers always have confidence in their ability to (success).
  • As much as you focus your efforts on the subject of what has been achieved success in it.
  • Negative see for yourself the reason for your failure in life.
  • Always think about what (please you) .. always walked away from what (concerns).
  • Afraid of what might happen to you if I continued to think about it.
  • Do not listen to anyone or cause you frustrations reduces your ambitions.
  • Self-Road (confidence success).
  • Success supports self-confidence.
  • (Fear) of any new attempt by the inevitable failure.
  • People who do not make mistakes never the ones who do not learn (at all).
  • Mark (failure) a new beginning for your success.
  • Trying to recover from the (fall) better than that trampled underfoot and you are lying on the ground.
  • The question is not how to see you (people) but the question is how you see (yourself).
  • Free person is the one who says no (for mis) and yes (to the right).
  • If you have a problem, it will not be resolved if denied its existence.
  • Reduce the value of others causes the breaking down yourself.
  • Age does not last spring but (glasses) is the heart that lasts.
  • Think positive and be (optimistic).
  • Beauty does not last (Figure), but the beauty of (personal) is the one who lasts.
  • The feeling (loneliness) as a result of bad relationship with others.

If you can see that destroys everything in place devoted your life for and promote the adoption of what had been destroyed again !! If you can fill the vacuum that every minute of your life useful work Saatiz become a man, and I have.

  • Excessive self-confidence Mjelbh risk.
  • Others may not have attached great hopes .. but I have great hopes comment on myself.
  • Self-confidence after putting trust in God is required in Islam, the Muslim must improve it to think God Almighty, and optimistic himself to goodness and success always, constantly seeks in order to improve the collection of perfection.
  • Of trust himself does not need to praise him people, and asked praise has indicated skepticism at the same value.
  • You are more important than you, and less important than it would.
  • Achievers afford to success because they think they can afford.
  • If you suspect yourself to be standing on shaky ground.
  • You must trust yourself .. If you trust yourself not, then who will trust you.
  • Be yourself .. This is the first step to become better than yourself.
  • Confident person himself says: It looks difficult, but it is possible .. but is confident Verdd: It is possible, but it seems difficult.
  • I thought if you are able to do something, or you think you are unable to do something. In both cases, you are right.
  • Self-confidence is the spirit of the tournament.
  • The person himself confident his laugh is different from the others .. Even his breathing and moves them form different from others.
  • Do not self-confidence comes through being always right, but by being unafraid to be wrong.
  • Self-confidence is necessary in order that one can circulate and formulate explanatory models.
  • Jazziness differs significantly from self-confidence and self-Alaatazar. Confidence is the faith of the individual self-worth and Btafrdh in a particular area. The self Venajm pride for Jaha to impress others qualities to be interested in it .. self-confidence in an internal affair of the sincere man who knows as much as the same, and pride and self is the human desire to reach respect for himself indirectly outside is the same.
  • A sense of self-confidence even with a sense of absolute lack of self-confidence.
  • Arab history is full of facts showing the importance of self-confidence. Arab historians narrated that the Tatars were entering in a psychological war with the peoples Iggsunha canvassers to broadcast them spies among the masses to break their morale by spreading the rumors about the strength of the Tatars and the mighty. Therefore, when the Tatars entering one of the cities, the population was fleeing, but those who remained, remained is the structure, the body without the spirit.
  • The child who lives in an atmosphere of security to learn self-confidence.
  • People gain self-confidence as they age.
  • Of despise himself still respects himself as capable of contempt.
  • We have to offer an apology in good faith, confessing that harm occurred on the other, we all make mistakes, but when they make mistakes, and we know our fault we must hasten to apologize, that guide the courage, love, and self-confidence and personal strength.
  • And my confidence is at the end of the confidence of human beings on the matter and his ability to bypass the same reform and transformation and to know its limits, they are confident not result in ego and pride but the pride of man and destiny.
  • One must be confident of himself, this is the secret .. even when I lived in the orphanage, and even when I traveled the streets looking for a bit of bread silenced by my stomach hungry ... even in all those harsh circumstances, I consider myself the greatest actor In the world.
  • Self-confidence is the spirit of the tournament.
  • Self-confidence is to believe in yourself firmly believe the possibility of achieving the goal, God willing, despite all the circumstances and challenges.
  • That the possibility of your mind that astounds your body if you can say to yourself: I can do it .. I can do it .. I can do it.
  • Self-confidence is what you should feel before to understand the true dimensions of any position.
  • Acting out of fear remains afraid and acting out of self-confidence develops.
  • A confident person walks as a king.
  • If someone could do something to you, you know you are able to do this same thing, because this person is not better than you ... But if this is not one thing you do, you will be the first.
  • Since I was a child, I sensed an urgent motivation to develop self, and so I realized that it is my duty as a human being is not unusual to develop my abilities potential.
  • I know my way and I know the truth I do not want to be as you want .. I'm free to be what I want to be.
  • Winners expect to win.
  • Self-confidence and skill .. army is not invincible.
  • I understand that no one can cause Bhazeemta but I am.
  • Whatever I thought about yourself, you are stronger than imagine.
  • I threw myself central quandaries, then think about finding solutions.
  • I always like to tell me people that you can not do it, because they said to me whenever I'm doing so well-deserved.
  • I do not care what writes me as long as it is not true.
  • Always speak about yourself proof that you are not sure of them.
  • So the thin line that separates the self-confidence and vanity .. you'll always see it does not make him miss your eyes.
  • We are getting stronger when you realize that we need a helping hand there at the end of our arm.


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