Talk about pain

Talk about pain

I will enumerate some of the painful phrases and sad

I loved and hated .. I looked distressed ... but I. Despite all the pain .. I lived

I love hated ..

I looked distressed ...

I laughed I cried ...

But .... Despite all the pain ... I lived

I learned....

The wound to Aaalm one in the presence of others

And that the people crying around me .... will not benefit me something

I learned...

The most precious tears and Asedkha..ha that descend silently ... without having seen one

I learned....

To rejoice with the people .... and grieve alone

The only surgical medicine ... is Rezai Bakdra

I learned....

The greatest success of the most successful in reconciling my desires and wishes around me

I learned....

Who watched people died ... ing people

And that the computer people on their emotions towards him ... I was between him and them

Lump rope never Erpt

And that if I give every man Maeetmny ... to eat each other

I learned....

If you want comfort in Alehiah..ajb to take care of my health

If you want happiness must take care of Bokhalaqa and configurable

I if you Aredalakhlud in life must take care of my mind

I if you want all of that must first take care of ... my religion

I learned....

Not to despise an important one was

God has put him into fear of an effective please and hall

And it's not the disease ... the health Afterst what was left of the desires of mercy

In humans

I learned....

That everyone defect

And lighter defects money ... have a bad effect on those around us

I learned....

The environment that formed Chksaatna..oan where we grew up our ideas and our ambition Is that restore our personalities industry and the changing shape of our lives.

I learned....

Many of us like children We hate the truth, because we taste the bitterness of Doaih..ola think about the sweetness of his recovery And we love Alebatl..lanna Nstlz Btamh is not indifferent to Basma ???

I learned....

The beauty of the soul around us and we are pleased The beauty of the shape around us is happy only And that it is a good sign be in your best people ... manners

I learned....

.... It was probably laugh medicine Fun and Healing And lack of indifference ... sometimes a means of salvation Those who Ortth worries and burdens And when I take your myself ... I find in God Monologues When I lose my purpose resort to the book of God learned The worst kind of disease that afflicted by associating Thick understanding Limited cognition Blade taste He does not understand that he sees himself as I understand who understands

I learned....

The disabled person ... who resort to complain when calamities The firm ... of speeds up work And rectum ... which does not change its principles change conditions And the humble ... which prided himself in the positions of victory

I learned....

That if we were reliant on God's right to trust what our concern for the future If we were confident of his mercy fully trust what Aisna of the vagina If we were assured faith in his wisdom to what it Attabna His decree If we were reassured to fairness to what we suspect at the end of the oppressors And that God soldiers Ihfezonna and defend them from us ....

I learned....

Lack of sincerity statement that says ... (The biggest day you know you are enacting) You may be younger than you and I know you are enacting after two years And that life .. School didactic If the best Mahmoum make use of his main concern For the blessing of Angmh ..

Maassab to speak without a voice

That pays homage to Kei waiting for death

Maassab feel bored

You see all around you not

The sense of remorse Asodk

On the sin of you do not know .... and no sin committed by

What more difficult to Charbalhzn deep

Like inherent in ancient pain inside you

Completed the road alone ......

Aimless ... without a partner ... without Rafiq

And you become remorse and grief, and the team

And find your face between tears drowned

And hope the rest turns to glitter ....

Maassab to live within yourself single

Without a friend ... Without Rafik ... Without Habib

Feel that joy far ......

Suffering from a wound ... not pleased

Deep wound .. stubborn wound .....

No doctor injured Adawiyeh

Maassab to see the light of darkness

Maassab see happiness illusions

Pickup V. surprise

From .... to love lasts .... and groans last

No matter how long time .... continue to love .... not Ahataatdom


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