Talk about friends

Talk about friends

Friends are the spice of life and they are always with each other in all situations and circumstances, whether positive or negative circumstances conditions, Valsahb does not wait for any of his friend's interest and in exchange for Vasahbh be based on love and sacrifice, here in this column you will find talk about friends.


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an introduction

Companionship: is a human relationship and one of the types of love and affection where man feels with the owner that he sits with himself without barriers or restrictions Vsahbh sponsored and wishes good for him and be always with beautiful days Vicharkh joy and days of bad and damaged, is assisted to overcome without charge or waiting for an interest Valsahb guide him all what is good and keeps him from all evil and improves conjecture by offering him Alagmar.

Talk about friends

  • Sometimes, going through friendship and love great dangers, on the verge of death and may require surgery salvageable!
  • Real friendship between the eye such as the relationship and hand: If you hurt the hand eye tears! If tears in eyes surveyed the hand! An ancient Arab wisdom.
  • There are those who have presence in your life milestone, and there will be an empty sign, Vontaki true friend, and beware of fake friendship! - p. Amolut.
  • Quarreling day and come the other day have been mistakes and missteps forgot some of them .. because they can not live without some of this is friendship.
  • Tolerance based on friendship and true love.
  • True friendship .. not parallel such as lines never meet only when interests float on the surface. Then you lose .. paralleled intersect! Dale Carnegie.
  • Friendship is not the length of years .. but honestly positions.
  • When did it become your friend is like yourself have known a friendship. Mikhail Naima.
  • He became rich and discovered that friendship is more important than money, if it remained poor for the money is the most important. Do not make it the thing is makes you feel worth.
  • Friendship masterpiece ... increase in value as time went on.
  • It was said: that friendship is one mind in two bodies.
  • Friendship after love this means that one of them is not yet convinced of the idea of ​​separation.
  • Friendship white flower grows in the heart and bloom in the heart, but do not shrivel.

The benefit of friends

The human when mixed with people and deal with them shows him the truth of what it is of opinions, ideas, ethics and holds the same mistake, and only because friends like a mirror one does for us when we look in the mirror shows him the beauty of its form of ugliness, when it was friends like a mirror since he is their man discovers the truth of what it is Khtaih appears to him the same flaws and mistakes.

For it was he should choose righteous friends discover which defects himself and his mistakes, it was these friends of the people of faith in God appeared to him his actions and his actions correctly the net mirror, but if they are owners of sin and away from God appeared to him his actions and his actions and what holds in the chest in a mirror where it seems to him Hassan ugly and ugly Well, so the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him (insured mirror insured) Narrated by Abu Dawood from Abu Hurayrah (insured for the insured such as the hands are washed each other) means that the believer finds his mistake in the face of his brother believer when he denies it and advise him and guide him to get rid of it is to be between them and regardless of envy.

When the benefit of companionship a great condition of Sufism in the behavior and walk to the Almighty God to accompany aspirant old man knowing God Almighty has reached the rank of faith so that it is like a mirror Vekshv so aspirant defects the same diseases that is the reality of which helped him to get rid of them so that there is no human being is not free of defects and diseases of the soul that can not be realized by himself Kriyae and wonder, arrogance, avarice, demonstrating the validity of companionship condition when Sufis that companions may Allah be pleased with them could not they change what they were in ignorance but Bmassahpthm to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and Majalsthm him.

May err who thinks he can heal himself but accompanied by guide him on the disadvantages of the same and that recitation of the Koran and the Hadith, if it was one able to do so, he could have companions, God bless them, they memorized the Koran and internalized it, but they could not get out of them diseases unless accompanied by the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, who was Atabb the hearts of the companions and endorsing them condition and said.

The Almighty said: (is the one who sent the illiterate messenger reciting to them His signs and praise them and teach them the book) -aljmah 2, God Almighty among us that the first task of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him before education is Testimonial and show defects self diseases self-how, irreversible, he stressed Almighty to be so useful to humans from showing him the same defects that take an old man fulfilled his faith. he knows the soul and congenital diseases so that his mirror vacated his heart.

If babysitting companions of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him has risen Bhalhm and elevated Bnfoshm human level and marked their lives to the level of angelic and cleansed their hearts of Ardenne article knighted by faith to the level of control and witnesses is how also babysitting those who know God inheritors of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him indents souls and increase the faith and awaken the hearts and remember God Almighty and away from them inherited inattention and preoccupation with the heart and worldly pleasures tendency to evanescent life.

The importance of friends in life

Nothing in life man is happy and pleased more than the acquisition of a friend Saleh shared in his feelings, and immersed in his emotions, Yanes him in Alouhcp and assisted him in adversity even one Western scholars famous Lord said Afbera in his book "Happiness and Peace: take a friend Saduq is not easy easy it is possible him so let him know that he won a precious treasure to him should be good to do.

  • One of the wise men said, if possessed minimum they do not modify my corn fulfillment of a friend, a brother and affection cream.
  • The Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and his family and him: "Three comfortable for the believer tahajjud last night, and the meeting of the Brotherhood, and the breakfast of fasting."

In the words of friends

  • If you are bound to die, please ask if you can take with you a friend.
  • If you live a hundred years, I wish to live a hundred years decreased one day so I do not have to live without you.
  • Friendship man does not feel as health rare value only when they lose.
  • A true friend is the one who walks you when the rest of the world moves away from you.
  • Dad always says to me: when you die and you have five friends, have lived a great life.
  • If my friends decided to jump over the bridge, I will not jump with them, but I'll Wait for them under the bridge to Otlqahm.
  • Hold a true friend with both hands.
  • I learn from you and learn from me and you will not disagree.
  • Friendship is one mind in two bodies.
  • Do not walk in front of me maybe I can not catch up with you, and do not walk behind me maybe I can not drive, but beside me and be my friend Walk.
  • Everyone hears what Tcol.alosedka listen to what you say, and the best friends listen to what did not say.
  • A friend is someone who knows the song of your heart, and can sing to you when you forget her words.
  • Each of us has his way in life, but wherever we carry every part of the other.
  • The grace of God, friendship and care of it with us.
  • Friendship and response Obeirha hope and fulfill their juice and Nasimha love Zbolha death.
  • Go away for the sake of friendship.
  • Friendship City to fulfill her key .. and its inhabitants loyal .. friendship and tree seeds to fulfill branches of hope and happiness leaves.
  • Friendship flower must be fulfilled, and we tell water needed to be surrounded with soil sincerity so that they remain always.
  • Friendship word carrying a small combine the meanings of many concepts and wide.
  • Friendship is not Tarefa between the people and save the names and smiles and visits and accounts of individuals exchanged among them.


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