Symptoms of stomach cancer

Symptoms of stomach cancer


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stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is known (in English: Stomach cancer) or (in English: Gastric cancer) as metastasis develops as a result of the growth of cells of the stomach lining abnormally and uncontrolled, may invade the tumor healthy tissue and spread to other parts of the body, it referred to as the development of gastric cancer are slowly over many years, including the stage that precedes the development of gastric cancer explicitly occurrence of some changes in the mucous membrane of the stomach, and often does not detect these changes as the development of symptoms associated with this stage is rare, but for stomach cancer, which affects more part of it; May cause the emergence of a variety of symptoms may result in the incidence of this disease several consequences. [1] [2]

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Symptoms of stomach cancer

It can be classified as symptoms associated with stomach cancer, according to the stage of infection into two categories; Symptoms in the early stages and symptoms in advanced stages, and will be a statement in some detail as follows: [3]

Symptoms in the early stages

In fact; It is detected many cases of stomach cancer in the advanced stages of the disease, due as previously mentioned to slow the growth of cancer that may not be accompanied by the appearance of any symptoms, in addition to the similarity of the early symptoms of gastric cancer with symptoms associated with other health problems less serious and, in general Symptoms range associated with the early stages of stomach cancer, among them the following: [4]

  • stomach pain.
  • Difficulty swallowing.
  • Frequent burping.
  • The feeling of fullness during severe abdominal eating.
  • Indigestion continuous digestion.
  • Flatulence, especially after eating.
  • Vomiting, which may be accompanied by blood.
  • Heartburn.
  • Pain in the sternum (in English: Breastbone).

Symptoms in the advanced stages

The symptoms that appear in the advanced stages of stomach cancer is more serious than those that appear in the early stages, due to the growth and spread of cancer to affect other neighboring organs; These include members of the liver and large intestine, also known as colon, can be the most prominent statement of the symptoms of stomach cancer that appear in the advanced stage as follows: [3]

  • Symptoms associated with the occurrence of a blockage in the stomach or large intestine; Such as: loss of appetite, frequent vomiting, weight loss significantly.
  • Symptoms associated with the spread of gastric cancer to the liver; Such as jaundice (in English: Jaundice) goal Basfrar eyes or skin, in addition to the development of the case for rain ventral (in English: Ascites) of stomach swelling as a result of the accumulation of fluid in it.

Symptoms of call for a review of the doctor

Start; It must be emphasized the importance of the diagnosis of early gastric cancer, it is more likely to recover from the injury when detected in the early stages, and in fact; The elderly over the age of 55 years more categories that have been recorded cases of stomach cancer which, in general should see a doctor if any symptoms or signs of causing concern to the person or may be thought to be linked to stomach cancer, in order to investigate the reasons that lie behind the emergence of Symptoms, and on suspicion of infecting a person with stomach cancer and inspire doubts about that will be transferred to a specialist doctor to take appropriate action, as comes mention of the most prominent symptoms and cases requiring a review of the doctor as soon as possible, especially if there are risk factors for injury to stomach cancer: [5] [6 ]

  • Indigestion.
  • Weight loss.
  • Continuous vomiting.
  • Anemia is also known as anemia (in English: Anemia).
  • Face difficulty while swallowing. [4]

Video for symptoms of stomach cancer

To know what are the symptoms of stomach cancer Watch Video


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