Symptoms of rectal cancer

Symptoms of rectal cancer


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Symptoms of rectal cancer

The rectum (in English: Rectum) The last part of the colon and ends with the anus, and it should be noted the need to see a doctor if suffering from a symptom of colon cancer, especially if the note out dark blood or red with stool and loss of unjustified weight, in addition to the appearance of symptoms other signs, among them the following: [1]

  • The feeling of pain in the abdomen.
  • Fatigue and fatigue.
  • The feeling of not emptying the colon when defecating.
  • Suffering from anemia, iron deficiency (in English: Iron-deficiency anemia).
  • The feeling of pain during bowel movements.
  • Increase or decrease the number of bowel movements.
  • Exit means snotty with feces.

Stages of colorectal cancer

Can be divided into the rectum cancer into several different stages, as follows: [2]

  • Stage 0: The presence of colorectal cancer is limited at this stage, the tissue lining the straight only.
  • Stage 1: rectal cancer is transmitted at this stage to some of the deeper tissues of the lining of the rectum.
  • Stage 2: rectal cancer moves at this point to some other tissues surrounding the rectum, without access to the lymph nodes (in English: Lymph nodes).
  • Stage 3: rectal cancer is transmitted at this stage, to the lymph nodes surrounding the rectum.
  • Stage 4: spreading colorectal cancer during this stage to different parts of the body and to many other members.

Prevention of colorectal cancer

The conduct of the periodic inspection for early detection of cancer rectal best ways to prevent cancer, it helps the early detection of abnormal growth of cells in the rectum before becoming cancerous cells, and helps avoid some of the risk factors to reduce the risk of colon cancer, such as : ensuring a healthy diet, avoid smoking, maintain a healthy weight. [3]


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