Symptoms of breast cancer in girls

Symptoms of breast cancer in girls


  • 1 Breast Cancer
  • 2 causes of breast cancer
  • 3 Symptoms of Breast Cancer 3.1 breast swelling 3.2 Changes in skin color 3.3 abnormal secretions from the nipple
  • 3.1 breast swelling
  • 3.2 Changes in skin color
  • 3.3 abnormal secretions from the nipple
  • 4 Video Early symptoms of breast cancer

breast cancer

Breast cancer, both benign and malignant of most types of cancer that affects women and girls in particular, and like all types of cancer caused by the proliferation of abnormal and regularly in the number of cells in the breast.

The causes of breast cancer

Injury back this disease to many factors and causes identified by scientists and physicians and specialists in the field of oncology, including those related to factors of genetic primarily, and some are due to the nature of the diet and the foods that used to be addressed woman or girl in her life, and some of them due to the start date of menstruation or monthly session of the girl, or pregnancies, especially after the age of thirty, as well as linked to the use of women to contraception different pregnancy and factors of excessive weight gain, obesity and other causes that lead to the incidence of this disease is serious, especially in developed where it is possible stages to end women to mastectomy or death, and accordingly Enqgum introduced the most prominent signs and symptoms associated with the beginnings of this disease to be able to take the necessary remedial measures quickly.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is accompanied by many of the symptoms that it portends injury, and these symptoms are most cases of the disease are as follows:

Breast swelling

As a result of increasing the number of cells occurs within it, but the first cases of the disease is not accompanied by the swelling appearance is clearly so that it is an internal swelling and can not be seen only through examination and medical imaging such as X X-ray, for example, where women can be seen in advanced and special stages of the fourth specific phase in an area directly under the armpit or in the breast tissue.

Changes in skin color

Changes occur in the color of the skin condition, which cause many types of breast cancer has changed in the nipple in terms of color area by the emergence of a marked around redness, accompanied by irritating itch, so because the cancer cells are working to close the lymph vessels in the area, causing swelling and remarkable change in natural color it is accompanied in some cases be red color patches increase the thickness of the breast, and here women must know the size and shape of their own well and the color of the breast to be able to monitor these changes.

Abnormal secretions from the nipple

The secretions of yellow and other colored red so as to be mixed with blood, and is considered one of the most important signs of cancer in that region.

Can not be considered pain in the breast symptom of cancer, because most cases of the disease, especially pernicious and dangerous it is not accompanied by any sense Baloujaa, as the only pain that can be felt in this case is the resulting pain Alkarohat itching and dimples that appear on the skin as a result of the disease, it is worth mentioning that breast cancer would like all types of cancer causes the patient's general feeling of fatigue, fatigue and stress, accompanied by difficulty sleeping significantly thinner.

Video early symptoms of breast cancer

To identify the early symptoms of breast cancer watched the video.


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