Symptoms of bladder cancer for men

Symptoms of bladder cancer for men


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Symptoms of bladder cancer for men

The bladder cancer (in English: Bladder Cancer) A type of cancer common in men, and in most cases are not accompanied by this type of cancer pain, and common symptoms of bladder cancer out of blood with urine or what is known as the blood Balbalh (in English: Hematuria) Whether this clear blood naked or invisible to the eye can not be detected only through an analysis of urine, may be chronic or intermittent blood out, it should be noted that many other health problems may lead to blood with urine out also, as symptoms of cancer vary bladder case to another based on several factors such as the location of the tumor is cancerous, type and stage of the disease, and symptoms of cancer and other bladder in men as follows: [1]

  • Anorexia.
  • frequent urination.
  • Weight loss is unjustified.
  • Abdominal and back pain.
  • Urgent desire to urinate.

The causes of bladder cancer

Scientists have not been able to master determine the cause of bladder cancer, but there are many factors that increase the risk of this type of most cancer effect of smoking where it is believed to cause smoking at least 50% of cases of bladder cancer, and the risk of other factors of bladder cancer Mayati: [2]

  • Low rate of drinking liquids.
  • Chronic bladder infection.
  • Exposure to some chemicals or carcinogens.
  • A diet rich in fat.
  • Pre-exposure to chemotherapy or radiation.
  • The presence of a family history of bladder cancer.

Types of Bladder Cancer

There are several different types of bladder cancer, among them the following: [3]

  • Adenocarcinoma: (English: Adenocarcinoma), a cancer that originates in the cells responsible for the secretion of mucus in the bladder.
  • Squamous cells: (English cancer: Squamous cell carcinoma), often occurs this type of cancer as a result of exposure to chronic bladder irritation, such as caused by infection, or the use of urine catheter.
  • Carcinoma of urinary: urinary Carcinoma (arise in English: Urothelial carcinoma) within the cells lining the bladder, the cells responsible for the expansion and contraction when filling and emptying of the bladder, which is the most common types of bladder cancer.


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