Sweet words

Sweet words

We offer you, dear reader, a distinctive set of phrases able to give you some of the hope and joy through which you can safety sensor, you can also share with the one you love to give him some of that hope:

  • When someone says to you ... I wanted Reassurance you ... make sure that it is intended, could not complete the day without you.
  • My father and mother, deserve a deeper love of things.
  • What you will come to you on your weakness, and unless you will not achieve your goal in your strength.
  • If the crown of kings "gold" Fattaj Women "literature".
  • I do not give up easily people ... but I also do not stand by people Aharona that my presence and whether or not one.
  • Morning messages do not only mean good morning ... but it also means that I woke up when I mentioned I love ... Praise be to God who gave me their loved ones became and remind them every morning.
  • Helping Others Be generous Kalnhr, in mercy and virtue Be like the sun, to hide the mistake of others were like night, in anger Be like the Dead, in modesty and humility Be like dirt, tolerance ... Be like the sea either look as you or Be as it looks.
  • You do not know when and where the vagina CEATEC, but you know it mastermind and creator of goodness ... inevitably going to get good and pities from where we do not know ... but life will remain fine ... and that what God is good.
  • O Glory of witnessing his ability Banan, swim and twigs His majesty, and unable thanks tongue ... Glorified Lord.
  • The parachute will not stop the rain, but also help you to stand during Htoulh, as well as "confidence" is not going to guarantee you success but give you the opportunity to achieve.
  • I desire to close my eyes .... and open them I see myself have completed all Ieigueni, to enter Paradise: "death and Isthmus and day sent and the path of the account, I see myself with the apostles and prophets and martyrs and the righteous and those companion !! in the Committee, ceiling throne Rahman in the Committee, no sorrow nor fatigue, neither they nor mind nor pain, how much I miss that day (my Lord Make me and my father and my beloved in God from the top population Vrdosha).
  • Just think happy makes you happy.
  • Smile ; Because you are healthy and well-being ... there are those patients who wish to buy the most expensive ... the prices smiled; Because you're alive and kicking ... Valomuat life wish to work a good smile ...; Because you call him Lord and worship him and others prostrate cow ... smiled; For You is you and others wish to be you.
  • Despite everything ... thank God and smile in my heart reassures and calms the joy of neat depths of my soul.
  • The most beautiful moment when the girl when knocking on the door and proclaimed her "years old" Attac ... "The most beautiful moment when the young man when he touched a girl of his dreams heart gently and says to him: I love you, but the most beautiful of all when it is proclaimed in heaven," O people of heaven that God may love so and so in love with them the people of heaven Voahbuh and loves the people of the earth, "O Lord, grant us your love and love someone who loves you and love every action brings us closer to your love.
  • Be honest in your promise ... P that can not fulfill your promise ... not promised! Evgerk builds his dreams on a word from you.
  • I asked a poor day ... what you need ... an individual question I need this, savoring the introduction of most human beings involved in it, but savoring the tender only Aledme ethics semitism owners know.
  • There are people shaking hands with hearts before hands; God Vosaad hearts "pure ... The Salnaha thanked if we limit excused.
  • the smile ! Is silent label that understands others through which you love them.
  • Nice to feel your words a large number of people; But the most beautiful !! The feel of it is intended to speak.
  • Promises to forgive yourself ... others do not keep negative emotions inside you ... do not waste your time and your energies and you think about those who cause you in distress and pain.
  • The smile ... her very strange ... if painted lover feels safe ... though drawn to the enemy feels remorse ... if drawn by those who do not know you to become a charity ... but painted for yourself ... I became Guo smiled and enchantments .. .vrbakm God.
  • Happiness ... absent from us and then come again! As if it says: (do not taste the candy in the mouth used to honey) ... Thank God first and then ... Thank you for the time interval between Saad because it makes us feel more happy.
  • I try to forget ... but I can not, because you taught me all the arts stick to you ... all the arts hung up in you ... all the arts breeze, if left in your photo Tbakan fantastically ... If Mentions went Tbakan in the intellectual ... Vsourtk did not depart fanciful Mentions does not leave an intellectual.
  • Human be strange when his body in a place ... and his soul somewhere else!
  • Quarreling at night; In the morning, both of them suffer memory loss to reassure each other; So loves honest.
  • When a man loves: a kid back! The female while love to become a mother.
  • Life experiences and difficulties; When the pain becomes more wisely, and when they fail to become more powerful, and when you smile, become more optimistic.
  • Do not grieve too much on the lack of beautiful sometimes must go to come the most beautiful ... Raise your heart on the loss of the things that he loves so as not to forestall the attempts meant reality.
  • Keep on who stays with you, while away everything.
  • Unfortunately, I still ... silent when something bothers me and then quietly ask me ... Is there anything bothering you?! I was told with a smile not just feel bored.
  • Be dignified in the humility and modest Shoumoukh ... That is one of the great qualities.
  • If you are unable to consider your future in front of you because dark ... have not been able to look behind you because it is harmful ... Look to the top of your Lord find you.
  • What God you only taken it to give you ... and what Obkak only Idgk ... and Ahramk only for you ... and what kind enough to Aptlak only because he loves you.


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