Subject of the computer and its benefits

Subject of the computer and its benefits


  • 1 computer in the field of school education benefit
  • 2 benefit computer in the Life Sciences
  • 3 in the interest of computer companies and banks
  • 4 video about the benefits and disadvantages of computer
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Computer in the field of school education benefit

Computer can be useful in school work to complete, through access to the sources of countless information, can be done with school work in an orderly and structured through the use of a word processor, tables, and offer programs on the computer, while the educational games, and programs can make learning fun, and comes with a look at some of the ways in which they can use a personal computer for school work: [1]

  • School research and access to any information being searched for, by searching on the Internet from a computer.
  • Effective and fun education, as computers and programs, and games on it, attract the attention of the learner, where they can play educational games covering topics reading, mathematics, foreign language, and science.
  • Do school work in an orderly fashion, through the presence of computer programs, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel, helping these programs to complete the school work in an orderly way, for example, when you create a presentation Bawarboynt, it allows to provide information in a manner attractive and the images, sounds, etc., can promote school tasks.
  • Use the computer to provide students with diverse information, through research work, browse the curriculum, the basic requirements.

Computer Life Sciences in the benefit

You can use computers in the life sciences, and through the use of sensors and other devices that can be understood by the computer, where he owns a computer enormous speed in complex operations analysis, as can be calculations may take many years to complete by human, but computer carried out within a few days, and examples of the uses of computers in the Life Sciences: medical imaging, genomics, drug design and discovery, assistive technology, and simulation. [2]

In the interest of computer companies and banks

Banks of computers are used to Hvat on the accounts and management of financial transactions and securities, as banks offer banking facilities, and maintain records of their customers online, also helps customers to check their account balance, and conduct financial transactions over the Internet easily and quickly, in addition, people also are using computers to facilitate their working lives, by paying the bills, and home management budgets, or watching a movie, listening to songs, and other things, as they can use the free applications on the Internet for communication and exchange of information, such as social networking sites, Skype, and moreover it can be used computer in every area of ​​life, such as: medical fields, industrial, airline, and weather forecasting. [3]

Video about the benefits and disadvantages of computer

To learn more continued video


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