Strengthen the back muscles

Strengthen the back muscles


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back muscles

The human body consists of many muscles, and often these work muscles in pairs, as it is when exposed to constrict it is pulled by the adverse muscle so as to be extended again, with regard to the muscles of the back of the trunk of any back muscles, it helps lower your arms and move body in front and side, in addition to its role in protecting the spine. [1]

Strengthen the back muscles

You can work to strengthen the back muscles in order to support the spine and reduce back pain and neck, using many ways, the most prominent of which are the following: [2] [3]

  • Exercise mode Cobra: (English: Cobra stretch), plays this exercise a role in relieving back pain and give human comfort, and to conduct this exercise lay person on his stomach, and is keen to keep his feet conjoined together, and lift the abdomen and the introduction of his body back with an attempt to reach the highest level possible for the shoulders, preferably this exercise procedure in any place where adequate and wide floor space available.
  • A reverse coup: (English: Inversion Table), where the use of this device contributes to the extension of pulling back muscles to different levels, which depends on the withdrawal of its principle of gravity to help extend the spine.
  • Exercise sprained lower back: (English: Lower back twist), and the advantage of this exercise as easy performance as it helps to tighten the muscle major brigades (in English: Gluteus maximus) and lower back muscles, and to perform this exercise lay the person on his back, and pulls his leg to the the other of his body, should be sure not to lift your shoulders off the ground in a while dragging one of the legs to the other side of the body.
  • Exercises extension back down: (English: Lying lower back stretch) and this allows for the extension of large muscles in the area of ​​the back, and to do this exercise lay the person on his back, featuring his knees, and then used both hands to pull your knees toward the chest, so are preserved that position for 15-30 seconds and then back to normal.
  • Lie down with the lifting of the legs: (English: Lying static leg raise) where the person is lying on his back, and then lifted his legs on the chair, and keep this position for a period of 15-20 minutes, it is worth mentioning that when you perform this exercise, the person will feel the lightness and comfort , especially after a tiring day to make a great effort.
  • Circumvent the fitness ball big fitness: (English: Fitness ball wrap) as this helps to extend back the right way, which gives a person a sense of comfort, and are advised to stay for as long as possible when the body wrap around the top of the fitness ball.
  • Exercise deadlift: (English: Deadlift), one of weightlifting exercises, where he lifts the person weight to the hips and then return it to the ground, and does refines this exercise several times, while maintaining the integrity of the back throughout the exercise, which helps to strengthen the back muscles from the bottom , in addition to many other muscles.
  • Exercise Bridge: (English: Bridge exercise) The method of performing this exercise is done by lying on your back with your knees bent and keep feet Mstndtan on flat ground, and be careful not to move the shoulders and head, but must keep them Mrtkhien on the floor, tummy tucks and thigh muscles; So that the lifting of the hips from the ground to form a straight line from the knees to the shoulders, and when performing this exercise should Aalhvaz on that position for a sufficient period of time, estimated the period that a person needs to complete three breaths deep, and then back to the starting point, as advised by repeating it 5 times a day, and then increase the number of times its performance gradually to be up to 30 times a day. [4]
  • Exercise mode Cat: (English: Cat stretch) when performing this exercise is based on the hands and knees, and then begins a person bend back up gradually, and then loosen his back and stomach are also slow, then the person is due to the starting point, as advised by repeating from three to five times twice daily. [5]
  • Exercise pressure shoulder blades: (English: Shoulder blade squeeze), when performing this exercise, the person sitting on a stool, while maintaining the integrity of the back pulls the shoulders panels together behind, and continue to the person on it for five seconds and then return to the status of relaxation, it is recommended to repeat it three to five times twice a day. [6]

Tips to keep the back healthy

The following is a set of tips that follow them to keep advised on the safety and health of the back, and the strength of his muscles: [7]

  • Care must be taken to adjust the height of the seat and the distance between the seat and the steering wheel when driving, taking into account that bend a little knees, and be the seat supportive of the afternoon, as it should be noted the importance of using a pillar lower back to support the natural curve of the lumbar region, and care must be taken to take rest periods frequent if the person driving for long periods of time.
  • You must change the sitting position or standing frequently work with care to reduce stress facilities to work.
  • It is advised to estimate the weight to be lifted before submitting it, and assessing the probability of the ability to raise it, and when lifting things must be kept close to the body while avoiding the curvature of the back, so that by bending the legs, not the waist.
  • Are advised to sit down status is correct when using a mobile phone and read text messages and the like, and the phone must be on the chest level or eyes when it is used so as to minimize stress neck and back.
  • It advised to follow the appropriate instructions when doing house work, when cleaning must be careful to be a situation straight, while keeping elbows close to the body and avoid the curvature of the back, and in general, if the work requires the person bending it must take a break frequently taking care to change the situation down too.
  • Exercise is recommended aerobic exercise thirty minutes three times a week at least, with an emphasis on the importance of different tasks almost every hour and move the different muscles of the body.


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