Statements about the words of the people

Statements about the words of the people

Many people talk SQ useful and it is useful that causes problems and harm, and here in this column has compiled the sayings of celebrities and the wise and the great people to speak, I hope to gain admiration.

Statements about the words of the people

  • They laughed and they said not to Thchm? I cried and they said not to smile? .. Basmt they said Araia them frown they said, seemed to mute what they said .. silence blunt tongue, they said, uttered many speech .. dreamed they said, even if the facts coward mighty to avenge .. Bselt they said to thoughtlessness and what was Mojtria if they say the rule .. perversions that I do not shiny while Aafqathm .. Voiguent I want no matter how satisfied people must be Ozm.- Shafei
  • If the mind as much as the words of the man, he blather larger people mind, even if science as much as keeping the issues of the pupil wider than his teacher note, even if wealth as much as the virtues of what was the evil influence, even if the money as much as the mind of the richest people of the wise, people and the poorest of the foolish, even if immortality to the benefit of the people as much as to the mind of Thugs and tyrants and kings and the most Azaame.- Mustafa Sibai
  • Led the life of your mind .. much better than the life led by the words of William Shakespeare Nas.-
  • People do not Ancefon live among them .. even if they went into hiding from them Ndmoa.- Abu al-Qasim Chebbi
  • And arrogant people, is the one who looks at the kinds of animals and birds, do not touch the Life Association, which Taackhe between him and Najib Mahmoud Zaki Pinha.-
  • Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and for compassion against injustice and lying and greed, if he did all the people that will change .. Alm.- William Faulkner
  • Types of pain: there is pain or reduce our value decreases our fate, for example, such as hunger; People like to believe us in relation to this type of pain, to make themselves benefactors to us then .. If the highest pain of this or two degrees, if the pain Nanmlh in the struggle for the idea, for example, people refuse to believe him, except Very few .. they do not believe him because they looked when the owner saw that his head is not the head so that it must be in their head of suffer for the sake of the cause of all of these high greatness .. they then refuse to empathize with him any sympathy; Without being in this position is something of the spirit of evil all Hal.- Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Russian writer).
  • It blurs the minds of tyrants and dictators so people made them forget the thrill of independence, dignity and freedom; But made them do not understand how a nation govern itself without the Sultan Abdul Rahman Qahr.- Kawakbi
  • Nature is telling us that the human mind is Negotiable that doubles its rate tremendously if I need to, if you want to raise people repair, Vhrd their minds to work not Adilathm.- Stephen Hawking
  • The man may become rebellious or revolutionary folk hero revered by the people, but the woman rebellious rebellious look for abnormal people are abnormal or incomplete Alonoth.- Nawal Saadawi
  • The nature of humanity, when Mdilla minds, fixed and does not change as well as for the world .. The tyrants develop a series of approaches, exclude any depiction of the world as an issue or a problem and focus on the show in the form of the entity hard, or as something given, something people should, as mere spectators, to adapt Mah.- Herbert Schuler
  • It supposed to be people afraid of the unknown, but ignorance becomes a blessing when knowledge is Mkhaevh.- Laurel Hamilton
  • I have scars on my hands from touching some Nas.- Jerome David Salinger
  • Common way to give people their power, is the belief that they do not have any Qoh.- Alice Walker
  • Among all kinds of tyranny, tyranny exercised for the benefit of its victims is characterized as the most repressive, it may be better to live in a system of lords of corruption to live under the rule of the absolute power of virtue of the prosecutor who interfere with do not care .. Injustice practiced by the lords of corruption may Smothers sometimes, their greed may reach saturation stage, but who Iqmonna for our benefit as they claim, will continue to oppress them indefinitely, because they are doing so in good conscience Mstrih.-
  • How can someone that knows everything about Anna Freud Nas.-
  • The criminal person like other people and the difference only that he was arrested Mtalpsa.- George Bernard Shaw
  • Be open to your friend such as wind, isolation, food and medicine, the people are incapable of liberation from the shackles but he is able to edit Friedrich Nietzsche Osedkaih.-
  • It is forbidden to kill because it will punish you because of this crime, but in the case of killing many people will escape punishment but will recognize you .. because you're a hero in Aharb.- Voltaire

Judgment about people

  • Let your face smiling and your words Lena, not people who like to give them gold and silver.
  • Do not you like men Tntnth, but led the Secretariat for refraining from the symptoms of people, he is the man.
  • Of Gad prevailed, and scrimp Rzl.o The finest people who gave those who do not hope for.
  • Bigger than the humiliation of people.
  • And if they know the war is not raging fire in the cavities of guns in people's hearts but also their ideas.
  • It is forbidden to kill because it will punish you because of this crime, but in the case of killing many people will escape punishment but will recognize you because you're a hero in the war.
  • People ho-hum life .. I do not see the length of life is over Khbal .. If lacked ammunition did not find an asset to be a good One business.
  • Whenever there is a success as a result of good planning and continued perseverance, it compounded the opportunity favorable, people considered it fortunate.
  • Make a lot of people a lot of time and effort to avoid problems, rather than try to solve it.
  • People think that the feeling of happiness is the result of success but the opposite is true.
  • Success is the result of a feeling of happiness.
  • The best of people who did not mind Ahard, and brought an answer from the people did not get angry.
  • Do not bother to work quickly, but quality, because people do not ask you in how much of it empty, but look at the quality of his mastery of the author.
  • In revolution there are two types of people, from their revolution and benefit from them.
  • Some people see things as they are and wonder why, and others dream of things that have never been Atsolon did not.
  • Make people love you when you leave your position, as when you came.
  • More people falsely of frequently speak about himself.
  • Most people when they become power evil.
  • There is no word in the dictionary and varied meanings varied and contradicted as much as I love the word .. and I can almost say that this word has meanings as much as the number of people any four thousand million meaning.
  • Remembrance of Allah Almighty it medicine and you mentioned people, it's disease.
  • Science and learned people taught and learned dignity and serenity and humbled themselves to those who learned from him, and those who do not be powerful Almtamoh scientists do not the ignorance deserves Baalmkm.
  • I love people to raise to my faults.
  • Dumbest people astray in another boat was traveling home.
  • If axed people this world Fastgne you in God and if they rejoice this world Vafarah you in God and if Forget Bohbabhm so make Ansk in God and if you know to their kings and Kpraihm and come near them to attain their pride and sublimity defines you to God and Courtship him attained Booze very pride and greatness.
  • The happiest people are thinking of ideas more fun.
  • To say there is a good work of art but do not understand the public as if we say that there are very good to eat, but most people can not eat it.
  • Of thought he was never satisfied, is about to not satisfy anyone.
  • People no atqa’ allyym, vkhda matrimony.
  • If asked to people to harangue and curiosity Ihzvo say their words, to almost silence in their councils replace speech.
  • People addressed their names I think that our names are the most beautiful thing you hear people's ears should contact their names.
  • People are not separated by the conflict only a book home from the sky, and if responded to their minds for every one of them mind.
  • If people axed this world Fastgn you God, and if they rejoice in God you Vafarah this world, and if so make Onsk Bohbabhm Forget God.
  • From the homeland of his heart when his Lord dwelt and rested, and sent people in the troubled and intensified by anxiety.
  • The man to do what he preaches, as it is also to preach what he does.
  • I'm not sad because people do not know me, but I am sad because I do not know them.
  • People are rewarded with deceit Cavaah treachery.
  • Many of the people they think they understand what they imagine.
  • Tell me: if you know yourself to know all the people I tell them: because I know myself first so I know all the people.
  • It is strange that people have loved us to confuse our best suited.
  • One advantage of the people they can not hide their sins long.
  • Evil people is that which Bfssogah hurt himself and people.
  • People are born free, but they enslave wherever they go.
  • People who know little talk too much, but those who know a lot do not speak only a little.
  • O people, a piece of gold may fall in the mud Faisebha harm, but remain in gold and tin is not gold and evil is not as good black night Albhim is not bright Kaldhy luminous, Jewish and not as a Muslim, even put in his hand, the minimum money even if the collection in its stores minimum weapons and Ooagaft behind the most powerful nation in the world.
  • People fear poverty in poverty and fear of humiliation in humiliation.


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