Statements about repentance

Statements about repentance

  • Do not be what I got from worldly joy, and what you missed them Trha and not those who work without requesting the Hereafter, and the delay of repentance to the length of hope filled by Dniah lost Akrth.
  • Heart gets sick as sick of the body, and cured in repentance and diet, and rust as rust mirror, Gelaah mentioning, and bared also bared the body, decorated piety, starves and Azmo also starves the body, and food and drink knowledge, trust, love and deputizing.
  • Said Luqman to his son: O my son, do not delay repentance, death comes suddenly.
  • Omar ibn al-Khattab said, may Allah be pleased with him: to repent, they sit thinner hearts.
  • What the sweetest name of God Relenting! Comet gives hope to start again and get it out of frustration circle.
  • Nothing more effective than repentance.
  • Leave a sin better than the treatment of repentance.
  • Yha Tobu smart people or God no mortal tvb Today lyh mrh mouth.
  • Careful in everything good only in three things: at prayer time, when burying the dead, and repentance when sin.
  • Allah Dedh albd almftn altvab Mu'min.
  • Repentance return of the mind, the heart and the will of the error to the right, it is foolish to adulthood and from ignorance to wisdom and from the Renaissance to the ordeal, and from death to life.
  • Allah Glorified and ybst ydh lurks lytvb msy’ alnhar vybst ydh same lytvb msy’ night until ttl Shams de mghrbha.
  • Of remorse he has repented and repented it turns.
  • De denizen ago ttl Shams de mghrbha words of Allah.
  • Repentance is the name of six things on the past sins of repentance and wasting the obligatory repetition Lord grievances and bitterness of self Amaqh obedience as Ozguetha the sweetness of sin and dissolved in obedience as sin, and in whom I brought tears instead of all laughed laughter.
  • Repentance transition from reprehensible conditions to Praised conditions.
  • Repentance overwhelming triumph for the forces of good self, and get away from the grip of the devil, and the traps of self-inclined towards evil.
  • The wonder of those who perish with him to escape, it was: what are they? They said: forgiveness.
  • Repentance is a great door realized by the great deeds that the great love of God, because the slave if the latest in which every sin is repentance abounded his good deeds and sins decreased.
  • The confession of sin is half of repentance.
  • Repentance put an end to the deterioration in the humanitarian level when the owner of sin in a moment of triumph for the same.
  • Do you know what the disease and medicine and healing tnd not said disease sins. . And medicine for forgiveness. . The healing that does not repent and then go back.
  • The first mistake recognition step on the path of repentance.
  • O knows that after the lower end, and life after death, and that must be a pause for the account and walk on the path, type from now and not postpone repentance to tomorrow.
  • Assi back repenting clean after Qmarth. . After clean Abomination, hello by the faithful after being sent off.
  • A sign of repentance: crying on the foregoing and the fear of falling into the guilt and abandonment of the Muslim Brotherhood and the inherent good guys bad.
  • Who repent from sin and is still a resident of him or think of him to come back, it Kalmsthzi his God, and God forbid.
  • Be aware that the meaning of repentance is organized from three things: science, however, and he did. . As for science is the knowledge of harm sins and being a veil between a person and all the lovable, if you find this knowledge arose, including the case of the heart, which is to suffer with fear and too beloved, a regret, seizing arises the will of repentance and to avoid the past, repentance leaving guilt in the case, determined that do not come back, and to avoid the past, he has said prayers and peace: (remorse repentance), as remorse is still science.
  • Repentance after the launch of debauchery for the trip boarding, and debauchery after the inauguration of obedience to the journey of falling.
  • Do not despair, no matter how important the Ozark and despair reached sins .. What God made repentance only for sinners and the prophets sent only to the lost and what made only forgiveness for sinners and what Ghaffar called himself Relenting pardon Karim only for you wrong will forgive.
  • The repentance of the body and soul. . Frouhha the ugliness of sin and sensing her abstinence.
  • Repentance: heart remorse and forgiveness with the tongue and left Paljoarh, and harboring not return.
  • O poor heart desires .. Onhectk .. rays of bad deeds and Ojhdtk restrictions .. not ashamed of Mulack in Retreats .. you whenever there is a glimmer of light repentance chose to return to the darkness .. you note the heart breeze .. Get up from the bed and broke Gflatk Giwdk and weep iniquities and the effects of Hitank and besieged Saiatk .. when I see the tears of repentance from Mqltic pouring down? When strong enough to break the restrictions and win? I am Ostbto days .. So when wed to a beautiful news? I am impatiently waiting !.
  • The scandal obstacle to repentance and tore the scenes that gesture by Fate has paved the way for himself to fire.
  • Heart gets sick as the body gets sick. . And cured repentance. . And as stainless steel metal. . And Gelaah mentioning. . And also bared flesh bared and finery piety.
  • Tyranny of the greatest scourge of God by revenge rush of slaves and inactive Aarfh them even repent the repentance of the above.
  • Unbelievable repentance only try it. . Those who have not tried it will remain a prisoner of the first picture because he did not know the second.


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