Statements about childhood

Statements about childhood


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Children are the jewel and embellish life, as they give life a taste and Luna least for parents and human Alastina them can, and the childhood of the most important stages of human life, and education need to be a great time, and here in this article brought you some words about childhood sayings and the innocence of children I hope that appeal.

Statements about childhood

  • If we are to achieve real peace in the world, we have to start with the education of children.
  • The most important stage in human life is not at the stage of university studies, but is in the early stages of life, which extends from birth to the age of six.
  • Children are the most important resource in life.
  • Child-rearing task that requires a lot of concerted efforts.
  • Humans committed many mistakes, but the worst crime committed at all is the abandonment of children, and the neglect of the fountain of life. It can defer a lot of things to another time. Yes a lot, but with the exception of child care. Childhood is the stage The stage in which each cell of the child's body cells grow and every sense of the senses, and therefore we have to act today and not leave things until tomorrow.
  • Habits that we win for children in early childhood is the stage that determines whether children will live a life of poverty or wealth, or productivity, or inactivity, or good or evil, Flanalmanm good habits from a young age to guarantee them a secure future.
  • To sow the seeds of strength in our children easier to heal men smashing.
  • We all knew in our childhood moments was a new birth, and when we return to the memory of those moments we say to ourselves, it is the day on which it became what I am now.
  • If a child is in an atmosphere of complacency lived, learn to satisfy itself.
  • Know your children are grown up fad when they start to ask questions have answers.
  • Training of children specialized profession; And where you must know how to waste the time to keep it
  • The worst thing in the psychology of children that children do not understand.
  • You have to have children does not make you a father ... just as if you have to be a piano does not make you a musician.
  • The one who uses the words: .. easier than fool kid .. never try to fool a child.
  • Better for children to ask stupid questions, it is easier than carrying the stupid mistakes.
  • Wish children never grow up ... do not Onavq nor insulted nor hate anyone.
  • Blurred ignorance and arrogance arrogance are what distinguishes children from worthy leaders of that name.
  • I love acting ... but I find the greatest pleasure to take the children to the zoo ...
  • Adults do not understand anything for themselves, and be tired young to always explain things to them and never.
  • Of all animals, the child is the hardest Troydha.
  • Every child is an artist ... The problem is how to remain an artist when he grows up.
  • Children usually make mistakes in the transfer of your words ... they say the way you were not want to say it.
  • It is well known that it is not you must have more than the number of windows of your car children.
  • All young adults can do is to Asdmohm and Abakohm to the rhythm of the times.
  • Convince the child a good thing ... that if you can convince him without destroying Qnaatk.
  • We do not get through the line between childhood and maturity until we stop saying, I have lost, and we say, we were spent.
  • Endurance is the first thing the child has learned ... This is something more will need to know.
  • Entertainment child today cost times what was paid by his father yesterday for his education.

Sayings about early childhood

  • Tell me I forget, show me I remember, Tcherkny learn.
  • Children, are the foundation of the future and life .. what he said about them wise men?
  • I dream that one day four of my children live in a nation that does not judge them by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
  • Behind the pursuit of truth and beauty world of activity that allows us to stay where children throughout our lives.
  • All leaders seek to transform their followers to children.
  • Do not blame those who do not have children, nor Tantkdhm, nor boast that you have children.
  • Before I get married I had six theories in raising children, but now Fnde six children and I have no theories to them.
  • Not a bad thing that the children sometimes politely to stop parents when alone.
  • How children are very intelligent and very stupid men? It must be the reason is education.
  • Feltensah your children virtue, this is the thing that can make them happy not gold.
  • I envy babies, because they have only the right to scream and the ability it, before life tamed voice their ropes, and learning silence.
  • If we want to know real peace in this world and are fighting a war against the war, we have to start our children.
  • Information comes more interesting than the children, they all say what they know and then stop.
  • Generate familiarity contempt - and children.
  • Children begin with love their parents, and after a period of time govern them, and rarely Asamehounam, if they did.
  • The most fundamental link between us that we all inhabit this planet and we all breathe the same air and we all think about the future of our children and all of us are mortal.
  • As long as you know that men like children, you know everything.
  • We find delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes a very big heart on the body.
  • Your children will see you all it through the way you live and not through what you say.
  • All men and children the same family. Makes them the same story betaken to bed and wake them in the morning.
  • The child from his mother suckles until full, and read in the light of her eyes even learn to read and write, and takes her money to buy anything he needs, causing her anxiety and fear until graduating from the university, and when he becomes a man puts a leg above the leg in a cafe intellectuals and hold a press conference saying: The woman's mind half!
  • We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark, but the real tragedy of life when men are afraid of light.
  • Atbtzm for a child in the plane unless you intend to spend the trip in Mlaabth.

Words about the innocence of children

  • The evil of the kings of the innocent feared.
  • All the real evils of innocence from the start.
  • Concern the beginning of conscience who is considered the father spirit, but it is not compatible with the patent.
  • Stay as part of the natural world that reminds me of innocence did not completely lose, all we need is to keep Taibtna to Nstaidha.
  • Slaughtered the crime of innocence to keep the throne, and wrestled innocence with all my strength against attempts to crime.
  • It expresses every act of revolutionary nostalgia for the innocence and attraction to the essence of existence.
  • I do not know how to defend myself: innocent Almtvaji can not imagine to be the subject of suspicion.
  • I think that innocence is something offered by adults on children but not really exist.
  • I think it's difficult to write about the kids and the idea of ​​owning the patent.
  • Ignorance is not innocence but sin.
  • Individuality Kalprah, there must be something not conscious of it.
  • It can be considered as innocence incoherent state of mind.
  • Innocence is often good luck and is not a virtue.
  • A patent-like Mjdhuma blind have bell, wandering the world and harbors evil for one.


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