Stages of the evolution of the Internet

Stages of the evolution of the Internet

World wide web

It is a web foundation stone for all techniques that have been developed in this era in which we live, everything became automatically and electronically thanks to this network, through which the exchange of information, between small-sized networks, connected to users' computers out, the Internet is working based on specific systems, these systems are known as the protocol, the Internet and needs to have an infrastructure capable and equipped to transfer data from one area to another of these important regions of the world.

Stages of the evolution of the Internet

Internet gradually through its history and went through many stages, where the network began as a result of the project, which was launched in 1969 from birth, a ARPANET project, which oversaw the project, the US Department of Defense, and the aim was to support and help the United States Army through computer networks , in addition to linking research institutions with universities within the network to provide all parties the ability to communicate through the output of all the capabilities of computers.

In 1983 BC, the Ministry of Defense to replace the protocol that was applied by what is known as the Charter Moaafik package (Internet) protocols, as are all located in the United States universities to link to each other, which work on the development of the process of communication between these universities, and among the students themselves also, as this helped to increase communication relay information between these students.

After the universities link stage through this network, Internet expansion and development began, it has emerged what is known as the Mosaic browser, as well as to find a company Netscape, and then developed a browser based on violawww hypercard. In 1993 from birth, and at the University of Illinois has been known version of Mosaic, which is the Web browser, then took the pioneers of this network has been growing, to provide the ISP service, a service that allows users to enter a web through the phone network.

Then I took the crowd growing, and took the network evolution that reached what it is today, today can access this network through ADSL, for example, which provides access to the network at very high speeds, meet the growing needs of users of this network, Fastamalat network today is not as it was in times past, as the network is used today for almost everything, from the simplest to the most complex.


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