Stages of the evolution of technology

Stages of the evolution of technology


  • 1 Evolution of IT
  • 2 Definition of IT
  • 3 functions and information technology
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The development of information technology

The main reason for the development of information technology due to the universities and institutions, so that the term information technology appeared in the seventies, it began to use devices for computers in commercial companies and non Almokhtschin in a computer, and then the back of the so-called table data and word processor, which led to a revolution in the increase of production staff, and therefore companies have established departments called information technology and created more jobs, then rolled and research findings to show languages ​​and knuckles create applications and systems that have contributed significantly to facilitate the functioning of the companies. [1]

IT Definition

Expresses information technology (the term Information Technology) all associated data, and therefore linked to a computer device, Information technology to organize and develop devices that save information and transfer such as computers and wireless networks, communications, network security and others, then it is concerned to preserve the data transfer and use in the right time, information technology and include many of the functions within organizations, for example, there are those who work on data entry and some of them is organized, and there is responsible for keeping security as well. [2]

Functions and information technology

Information technology includes a lot of work areas and expanding day after day, so as to provide information technology safer and functionally in the future with good financial returns for the individual, the following are some of the most important areas that are related to information technology: [3]

  • Software developer, and the design and development of software and applications for your computer or smart devices, and must be the developer holds a Bachelor's degree in computer science, and has a strong experience valuable programming languages.
  • Information Security Analyst, protects Alianat stored in the company's servers and keep them from theft or espionage.
  • Computer systems analyst, these functions centered around the design of corporate systems to regulate the conduct of its work.
  • Computer scientist, you must obtain a doctorate degree to connect to this Alozimh, and include everything related to research on complex computer problems, and creating sophisticated new solutions.
  • Computer network engineer, and associates many computers with each other and technically easy, as it is possible that associates more than one group with each other.


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