Stages of the development of computer and mobile phone

Stages of the development of computer and mobile phone

New technology

The use of modern technology in human life things are inevitable, and can not be ignored, as it entered all the details of life from the moment of waking up the person in the morning to the moment of sleep at night, and perhaps the computer or the computer, mobile phone or cell of the most prominent images of this modern technology.

Mobile phone is a small device that enables people to communicate together across the towers contact satellite, this communication either by voice or by writing or image, or all of them and be, while a computer is a device that works on electric power, and the various processes the information and input data to Based on the user's desire, both computer and mobile phone passed through several stages until it became what it is now of development and progress.

Stages of the development of a computer

  • The first generation: appeared in the mid-forties to the fifties of the twentieth century, and the computer was the size of a very large, very slow when processing data input, and needs to be cooled devices to reduce its temperature, and the storage capacity is very small.
  • The second generation: Back in the mid-fifties to the early sixties of the twentieth century, and marked this generation by adopting the transistor in the composition, which led to the small size of the device, increasing its speed and storage capacity for the first generation.
  • Third Generation: Back in the sixties of the twentieth century, and adopted building a computer in this generation integrated circuits, which led to minimize the size of the device dramatically, increasing its speed in data processing, and increased storage capacity for the second generation.
  • Fourth Generation: Back in the seventies and eighties of the twentieth century, based on semiconductor integrated circuits, personal computers showed the devices, have been developed software and operating systems, speed and Asda work, and storage capacity.

Stages of the evolution of the mobile phone

  • Generation Zero: appeared before the advent of cellular phones currently known, and the devices used at that time rely on radio communications, and ride in special vehicles, used audio only.
  • The first generation: the so-called generation analog phones, which included voice calls at high frequencies, but they lacked confidentiality and privacy in the transmission and reception.
  • The second generation: the featured digital phones, marked by activating the SMS service, clarity of voice calls, and confidentiality during the connection, and is consuming less battery.
  • The third generation is characterized by the possibility of sending and receiving voice data and non-voice at the same time, as has become devices support Internet services, e-mail, fax and exchange videos.


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