Stages of online shopping

Stages of online shopping


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Online Shopping

Online shopping is known (in English: Online Shopping) as the process through which the search for goods and services, purchased over the Internet using a Web Browsers (in English: Web Browsers); So that it is delivered to the buyer without the need to leave the house. [1]

Some market sites electronic alternative means offer enables customers to buy what they need from these markets without having to visit, it is the delivery item required directly to the home buyer, or to the market close and take delivery of it, and there are some markets that do not sell their products only through electronic sites. [1]

Stages of online shopping

To purchase through electronic markets, the user needs to support a credit card payment service via the Internet, can also accept some of the sites payment through checks, but these are relatively rare situation, and obviously can not pay cash. Can be divided into the shopping process online stages, which are as follows: [2]

  • Choose the desired goods: where the user chooses the goods they wish to purchase it through the site, usually available to the user Item add a property that wants to virtual basket purchases; When find it a commodity that wants to purchase it, press a button stating the meaning of (ADD TO CART) (English: Add to Cart) or similar, after the completion of the process of selection of goods to be purchased, press the push button (in English: Checkout), located mostly higher right of the web page, and preferred to make sure the goods are in the basket of, such as the number of pieces of each commodity, in addition to color, measurements, and any other information.
  • Shipping goods enter the title (in English: Shipping Address): the user enters the address you wish to ship goods to him, and when you enter this information, calculates the additional cost of shipping, depending on where the address you enter.
  • Choose the payment mechanism: the user chooses the mechanism that wants to pay through which, it is selected credit as a mechanism payment card, and then choose the type of card, in the absence of the type of card that the user carries within the options, it means that the website does not support payment through this type , then you should choose another type.
  • Enter credit card information: enter the buyer's name as it is written on credit its own card, then enter the remaining information relating to the card, the card number (English: Credit Card Number), and expiration date (in English: Expiration Date), and Security Code (English: Security code) component of the three boxes, and be printed usually behind the card, knowing that some types of cards may have their own security code consisting of four digits instead of three, and be printed on the front of the card, and if they intended to buy the card from a particular shop and is not relevant known type, the user will not need to enter this code from the ground.
  • Enter an address place of delivery bills credit card (in English: Billing Address): This title may be different from the shipping address, if they bill your credit card up to, for example, the post office, but the user wants to reach goods to a different place, he has to this address enters the title Shipping and thus it is different from the address of the receipt of invoices.

Pros online shopping

Shopping shortened online on the user's purchase of goods and services, became able to choose what he wants from the goods and pay for it, and then receives without having to get out of his house, in addition, the buyer can compare the various commodities raised prices on the websites different, and can choose the goods that he wants among the many sites without being restricted to only one market, the user can take advantage of the views Mejreba a particular commodity, given to her assessments before buying. [1] [3]

Cons of Online Shopping

Perhaps the security and privacy are two of the most important weakness of shopping points online, it is worth the buyer to take caution when shopping, and apply the necessary measures to ensure its security, and the addition, the buyer is not able to item experience before buying them, and this is something very important when buying clothes. [3 ]

Security Tips

When shopping online, some of the security risks that may be offered to the buyer of theft; For example, the buyer may be deceived when asked to enter his information in addition to information credit card through its Web sites false, as the buyer can be a victim of a malicious program (in English: Malware). There are some security tips that you prefer to take them into consideration when shopping online, including the following: [4] [5]

  • Only the purchase of electronic markets known; Where asylum is not preferred to search engines when searching for goods or markets; The search results may lead to fraudulent sites, as the buyer must ensure the validity of the entire website address, it must not contain misspelled, and must end the domain name (in English: Domain) right.
  • Only purchase from websites that provide protection layer via FTP text Ultra Safe (English: HTTPS), and can make sure that the website supports this protocol through the emergence of lock icon in the web browser (in English: Web Browser) when you visit the site.
  • Use a anti-virus software (in English: Anti-virus); To protect your buyer from malicious programs.
  • Use a difficult passage break words and guessing when you log on to shopping sites, banks or sites.
  • Avoid using a public computer to make the purchase process devices.
  • Avoid access to the Internet via Wi-Fi access points public, and if the user was forced to, it is worth using a virtual private network (English: VPN) to access the Internet.
  • Avoid the scams on web sites; Especially the obvious ones.


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