Specification man Scorpio

Specification man Scorpio


Scorpio is a water tower, the second of water towers, and there is a common effect of Mars and Pluto on the water tower, and this effect makes the baby boomers tower more strength and stiffness than others and are people with feelings of strange, and a person of Scorpio must have the date of birth of October 24 to November 22.

Specification man Scorpio

  • In love: The man Scorpio In total man sensitive but he does not show his feelings, and this seems Java people, nature man this tower is to control, and therefore not his feelings show, because he will control his emotions and feelings in order to control the others, but there is an exception to this drought, which is in front of the beloved only ; Scorpio loves deeply since a man, shows his love for his beloved frankly, the man Scorpio man attractive not resist women, a bit fuzzy; This scramble by women for his discovery, and this man does not bear any injury to his feelings, and that happened this wound will not be forgotten as long as it is alive, it gives the absolute confidence of Habiba but once, if lost will not come back, and the likes of this man tower pleasantries and pampering beloved or partner, to satisfy his ego, and she wanted to keep her love him so much attention, it should do, and share his hobbies and interests.
  • At work: The man of the tower of the men who have the determination and persistence, if sought to succeed it certainly will reach it, which is very loyal to their work, and who are committed to the morals of work and function, and this gives him respect and appreciation of those around him at work, and a man Scorpio lovable in his work most often, the best that can be Scorpio man is working to be a doctor, or an engineer, or politically, or a lawyer, it is characterized by force and intelligence caffeine to make it exhibits these professions.
  • With Friends: Man Scorpio relationships tend to be complicated, and not jealous, but loyal to his friends, is characterized by a very strong memory, do not forget events easily, and Scorpio rarely forgive the transgression of his friends, he is not malevolence if offended someone to him, the best features that must man's friends Scorpio show it is honesty, he does not like lying and if discovered furious, this man loves the tower loyal friend sincere also strong.
  • Way of thinking: Most of what controls the man of this tower is doubt those around him, and the anticipation of their actions and their actions, he does not trust this easy one, if stuck to the idea of ​​it is very difficult to abandon them, sets clear goals, and then moving steadily towards them, and access to the plans since the beginning.


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